Long-Term Strategy

Podcast: Taking Control of Healthcare Benefits


We sat down with Steve Glick of Chamber Insurance Trust on a weekend edition of the Flashpoint Healthcare radio show on Connecticut’s WDRC to talk about the health insurance challenge facing many businesses these days.   Often times business leaders think they have to accept double-digit increases from a fully […]

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What’s the New Normal?

What's the New Normal Blog Article

For the past several weeks, we’ve all been collectively holding our breath as we followed state and federal guidelines on how to help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Businesses and individuals banded together, weathering temporary shut-downs, helping their communities, and changing the way day-to-day life operates for the greater good. […]

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Why Self-Funded Health Plans are a Safe Bet

reflection of dice

By: Mike Schroeder, President     Are you perplexed by this question: is your company’s health benefits plan fully insured or self-funded? If you answered yes, you’re not alone in your uncertainty. You might think, of course my company offers health insurance and our employees contribute by paying a monthly […]

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