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At times it can feel like you’re pulled in two different directions, between servicing clients’ day-to-day needs and keeping them informed on emerging industry trends. Together with Roundstone, you can satisfy both objectives. 

Roundstone recognizes and appreciates the important role Advisors play — that’s why we only operate through 

our network of trusted Advisors. We equip you with insights and materials to help explain the value of captive 

insurance to your clients. Our team of experts is prepared to help you answer questions about self-funding and 

share case studies to illustrate how our solution can work for employers of any size. 

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Be a Consultant Again

As an employee benefits advisor, you set out to be a consultant—

a trusted client advocate matching each client’s unique health benefit needs.

But, each year, you find yourself repeating the same handful of health insurance options to clients and delivering bad news about rate increases. It’s not satisfying, and you are losing trust with your employer clients.

Advisor – A Better Alternative​

A Better Alternative

Roundstone offers captive health insurance programs to small to mid-sized employers looking to contain costs alongside their trusted advisor. 

Instead of delivering rate increases each year, you can hand-deliver savings checks back to your clients. Roundstone’s benefit advisors delivered more than $20 million in medical savings distributions over the last 18 months to grateful employers. 

Advisor – A Better Alternative​
Advisor – Worry-Free Program Management​ Graphic

Worry-Free Program Management

Taking ownership through a captive funding arrangement doesn’t mean you’re “getting in the insurance business.” That’s what Roundstone is here for. We offer worry-free program management with a team of experienced professionals so that your choice of strategies for funding, claim management and cost control are implemented and delivered by Roundstone.

We equip you with the insights and materials to explain the value of captive health insurance to your clients.

Small-to-Midsize Businesses are Moving to
Self-Funding as a Cost Containment Solution


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We equip you with the insights and materials to explain the value of captive health insurance to your clients.

Why Choose a Captive?

Whether captives become your door-opener or retention tool, learn more about

captive health insurance so you can help employers change their approach to healthcare.