June 9, 2020

Why the Switch to Self-Funded Health Insurance is Easy

Why the Switch to Self-Funded is Easy Blog Article

There’s been a steady increase in self-funded health insurance plans over the past two decades.

Why is that? Well, for starters, employers can save 20% year over year on your healthcare spend. Saving that kind of money is an easy choice!

If you are under the impression that the easiest thing to do is nothing, keeping your high fixed cost insured plan, get ready, you’ll likely see a double-digit increase every year that you can’t control. Is it worth a little bit of effort to gain valuable insight and save a substantial amount of money? What if the next easiest choice was to make a change that requires some effort, but saves you 20% off a top business expense? This could add up to millions of dollars over the ensuing five years.

Self-funded health insurance offers a multitude of cashflow benefits to your company when compared to a high fixed costs plan. It may seem easier to keep your high fixed cost plan, but later on you’ll be faced with some hard choices. The choice of doing nothing will undoubtably negatively impact your company’s growth, and also shifts more costs onto your employees!

We’re here to make your transition to savings as uncomplicated as possible with a turnkey onboarding process, simple employee navigation tools, and easy-to-access outreach resources.

  • Underwriting Process: The flexibility of plan design means you’ll only pay for what you need. Roundstone’s team of underwriters will design the lowest-cost plan for you. Your new self funded health insurance plan can even be based off your current plan, meaning you’ll enjoy the same benefits at a lower price!
  • Turnkey Onboarding Process: With an onboarding process that’s fast and easy, your coverage will be uninterrupted. Roundstone’s implementation team makes the transition simple, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to access your benefits.
  • Employee Navigation Tools: With online resources at your employees’ fingertips, benefits are just a tap or click away. A secure dashboard gives your employees easy access to their information.
  • Outreach Resources: Roundstone’s Cost Savings Investigators, referred to as the CSI Team, make implementing cost savings solutions easy, too! The CSI Team finds areas for cost saving opportunities, vets strategic partners for you, and helps you implement new solutions. You also enjoy the benefit of total transparency over your healthcare spend with access to the CSI Dashboard, with reporting on your group’s performance.

Roundstone takes a transparent approach to healthcare – your data belongs to you! You’ll be given the tools you need to get a better look at how your money is spent when it comes to your self funded health insurance plan, and learn how to anticipate and prevent unnecessary costs.

Our dedicated team is available to help you every step of the way, so with a little bit of effort now, not only will you be on-track for big savings, but you’ll have the tools and support you need to make containing your costs easier every day.

For a great in-depth discussion on the switch to self funded health insurance, watch this on-demand webinar featuring United Food Bank and F.H. Furr Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical on their journey and lessons learned along the way.


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