Podcast: Taking Control of Healthcare Benefits


We sat down with Steve Glick of Chamber Insurance Trust on a weekend edition of the Flashpoint Healthcare radio show on Connecticut’s WDRC to talk about the health insurance challenge facing many businesses these days.


Often times business leaders think they have to accept double-digit increases from a fully insured carrier without any transparency into their own data. They may also be hamstrung when it comes to flexibility and choice of a plan design that meets their own unique needs.


Roundstone’s Rob Hamilton, EVP Sales, and Jack Schroeder, Regional Practice Leader in the Northeast, discuss what it truly means to take control of healthcare benefits and manage them like any other business expense. Affordability is one thing, but quality matters too. They also outline the importance of flexibility when designing a healthcare plan that ultimately leads to happy, healthy, productive employees.


Listen in to this short podcast on-demand to gain insight from our experts on how a self-funded medical group captive solution can help small to mid-size businesses fund their employee benefits like a Fortune 500 company– and what the benefits are long-term.




To check out more episodes, listen in here.



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