Change Your Approach to Healthcare

If your employee benefit plan costs continue to increase, and you’re frustrated with the same routines year after year, why are you expecting a different result? It’s time for a change. Your bottom-line depends on it. Roundstone will help you understand if self-funding your health insurance is a good match and which program is the best fit for you.

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The RSU Roundup

Rah-rah! Roundstone University just finished it’s first quarter! Our eLearning educational platform was designed specifically for advisors to learn more about Roundstone and captive insurance.
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A New Year, A New MCF

Looking for new ways to help your employees? Wondering about the latest technology and strategies available for saving on your company’s health care? Mark your calendars now for the 2019 Roundstone Medical Captive Forum!
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Clearly understand the factors that drive your healthcare costs with readily available information that belongs to you. Learn more about the value of transparency in benefits.
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Once you leave behind the limitations of traditional insurance you are empowered to make the proactive changes you need to control costs and drive employee satisfaction. Find out how control can help you course correct when you need to.
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Cost Savings 
Maximize your company’s earning potential through a self-insurance program that opens the door to a variety of cost containment solutions that mitigate risk for employers of all sizes. Check out the cost savings advantages of alternative funding.
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