We help small and midsize businesses purchase health benefits like the Fortune 500.

Self-Funded Health Insurance Now an Option for More Businesses

Times are changing. With technology advances, and Roundstone’s captive funding model, self-funding is now a solid option for smaller businesses – one where you keep what you don’t spend on claims and the captive distributes unused premium back to you each year. A win-win.


Self-funded health insurance with a group medical captive offers more savings, flexibility, and control than a fully-insured plan. We like to think of it as a long-term business strategy, not a frustrating renewal experience every 12-months. And when you choose this route with Roundstone, instead of a black box, you’ll benefit from personalized service, a great benefits package for your employees, transparency from dollar one, and considerable savings and control. 


It’s the better way to purchase health insurance.

What Is Self-Funded Insurance?

Self-funded insurance means the employer pays the healthcare claims of employees through a third-party administrator (TPA) and buys stop-loss insurance for coverage of high-cost claims. 


Instead of paying a fixed premium to an insurance company, companies pay claims as they come. For small and midsize companies, however, self-funded insurance wasn’t always practical. But by pooling many employers together in the Roundstone captive, they can now enjoy the benefits of self-funded health insurance.

Self-Funded Insurance for Small and Mid-Size Businesses


Making the Decision to Self-Fund

Small and mid-size businesses are being hit hard by rising health insurance costs. The status quo is simply not sustainable. 


For business owners today, it is time to apply an innovative mindset to your healthcare expense. Look and see how you and your employees would benefit from a new approach. What’s the long-term cost of the same-old, same-old?

Regulated by the ERISA

When businesses choose to fund their own insurance plans, they are not subject to state insurance laws and oversight. Instead, they’re regulated at the federal level under ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) and various provisions in other federal laws like HIPAA and the ACA.


Self-Funding Doesn't Have to Mean You're on Your Own

Employers can employ protective measures such as stop-loss or reinsurance, which minimizes the risk of high aggregate and individual claims. But going it alone, means you are on your own island.


Being self-funded as part of the captive is a game changer. The captive pool  protects you from volatility. 

We Are Better Together

Roundstone’s group medical captive is designed and optimized to be the most effective way for a business with 25-1000 employees to enjoy self-funded insurance. 



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Why Choose Self-Funded Captive Insurance Through Roundstone?

According to a 2021 Kaiser Family Foundation analysis, 64% of U.S. employees with employer-sponsored health insurance are in self-insured plans. Most businesses with 200 or more employees are self-insured, with 82% of covered workers at these businesses enrolled in self-insured health plans.


At Roundstone, we make self-funded insurance possible for more businesses with our unique group medical captive. When you join our captive, you’ll experience the advantages and savings of a self-funded insurance plan without the risk and volatility. 


You can build a high-performance health plan to meet your workforce's needs


Businesses with self-funded insurance plans will save on both Federal and State health insurance premium taxes. Also, as a captive participant, you can keep the money left in your claims account and receive your unspent monthly stop-loss premium payments back on a pro rata basis. 


You can rely on Roundstone and our solution partners such as third-party administrators (TPAs), pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), and benefits advisors to do the hard work for you.

Get Health Insurance for Your Small or Medium-Sized Business

At Roundstone, we aim to make self-funded insurance available to small and mid-size businesses through our group medical captive. As the first of its kind, this captive enables employers to band together and thrive. 


Want to learn more about our captive and how you can experience the benefits of self-funded captive insurance?


Reach us via phone call at 440-617-0333 or contact us today!

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