Switch to self-funding for flexibility, transparency, and cost savings!

Fall in Love with Self-Funded Health Insurance

Self-funding is more flexible, cost-effective, and provides greater control and visibility into cost-drivers compared to traditional insurance.

For small to mid-size companies, however, self-funded insurance has not always been practical. Roundstone makes it possible with our group medical captive, the first of its kind. Since 2005, we have proven when employers band together, they achieve the efficiency and scale of a larger organization.

It’s the better way to purchase health insurance. ​


Freedom of Choice

You are not locked into a one-size fits all plan with benefits that you won’t use. You have control over what you cover, ensuring your plan serves all employees and staff members. If you like your current plan design, keep that plan. If you would like our recommendations, our in-house underwriters will design the lowest cost plan for you. If your goal is to save money with little-to-no employee disruption, Roundstone is the right partner for you.


Data Insights for Cost Containment

Roundstone's Cost Saving Investigators (CSI Team) leverage data and analytics to recommend optimizations to your plan utilization that will save you more money throughout the year. On average, employers save an additional 18% after following CSI recommendations!


Be the Hero!

To thrive in today’s market, businesses need to attract and retain top-tier talent. That’s why health benefits are more strategic to business growth than ever before. Self-funding gives you the flexibility to offer great plans at a price you can afford. 84% of large firms are reaping the benefits of self-funding and now you can, too.

The Big Easy Approach to Benefits



Personalized Service

Our dedicated team — underwriters, claims advocates, data and analytics pros, relationship managers, clinicians, and practice leaders — provides personalized service as part of our turnkey solution – a one-stop shop of experts, always advocating for you.


Full Disclosure

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to fix a problem when you have no access to information about what may be creating it. With Roundstone, your data belongs to you. Employers participating in Roundstone’s group medical captive receive direct access to data analytics presented in the CSI Dashboard, a healthcare analytics platform that provides a clear and concise outline of your claims data in a user-friendly format that anonymizes Protected Health Information (PHI) for safe access anywhere.

You can find actionable insights to address specific areas of impact for additional cost savings through smarter utilization of your health plan.


Only Pay for What You Use

With Roundstone, you have two opportunities for cash back: 1) You only pay for what you use, so you keep any money left in your claims account, and 2) Your monthly stop-loss premium payments also contribute to a shared risk pool with other captive participants. Any of those pooled premium funds that are not spent at the end of the plan year are returned to the employers in the form of distribution checks on a pro-rata basis.

Two-thirds of our customers save enough in their first four years with us to pay the premiums for their entire fifth year. And 100% save money, full stop.

You will save money in the first five years or we’ll make up the difference. That’s our guarantee to you.

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See What You Can Save Over 5 Years

Try our cost-savings calculator now.

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The Healthier and Happier Option

Many companies are responding to rapidly increasing costs by shifting more of the premium increases onto their workers in the form of higher premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. Unfortunately, this minimizes the ability of organizations to recruit and retain good talent.

Roundstone’s self-funded captive insurance plans are the solution for many small and mid-sized companies. Our captive participants save as much as 20-30% in healthcare costs each year while providing their employees better coverage with less out-of-pocket expense.

We are helping companies find the right balance and thrive in these uncertain times. We are also helping companies keep money in their bank accounts and communities instead of giving it to the big insurance carriers.

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