Reduce costs with claims data analytics.

Actionable Insights to Manage Claims Costs

In a fully insured plan,  health insurance companies can raise annual rates for businesses without explaining why. To keep your healthcare costs low, you need to understand what drives them. That’s why Roundstone created the CSI Dashboard — to give our clients clear and actionable insights into their medical claims. This allows employers and benefit advisors to understand their costs before they implement solutions to contain them.


The CSI Dashboard, Roundstone’s medical claims data platform, was created for our enrolled clients by the Roundstone Cost Saving Investigators (CSI Team). The dashboard provides employers—and their benefit advisors—with easy-to-use visual analytics of their medical claims, allowing for a real-time review of company healthcare spending compared to national benchmarks.  


Watch this short video to learn how to navigate through the dashboard:


Strategies to Contain the Rising Costs of Pharmacy

Check out our new definitive guide to Rx spend for an in-depth look at the factors affecting pharmacy costs, and what actions you can take to contain them.

Claims Transparency Leads to Visible Savings

The CSI Dashboard does more than just give users access to raw medical claims data. It compares your claims data to national benchmarks to quickly see how your group is doing, so you can make adjustments where needed.


The dashboard’s clear, HIPPA-compliant format arranges data with useful descriptions. Below are some common, real-life examples of how Roundstone clients use the CSI dashboard.


Learn which ER visits are preventable

Compare MRI/CAT scan costs around local hospitals

Identify above-average Rx spending


Reduce high cost ER visits often resulting from chronic conditions by offering a better care management option

Teach employees how they can shop for healthcare like a consumer

Consider switching to a pharmacy benefit manager that offers the same prescription at more affordable rates

A Team to Back Up the Technology (and You)

The best part about our CSI Dashboard is that it comes with personalized recommendations from our CSI Team.  These Cost Saving Investigators work together cross-functionally across the Roundstone organization. The CSI Team’s area of expertise include: data analytics, nursing, plan document optimization, claims, and underwriting.


They use their expertise to find and evaluate the best cost containment solutions on the market and bring them to you.

Introducing the Area to Impact Data Transparency Tool

Roundstone’s data transparency tool —  Area to Impact (ATI) — can help you understand and confront rising healthcare costs in areas such as Urgent Care Utilization, Rx Spend, Mental Health, COVID-19 Mitigation, and Emergency Room Utilization.


Each ATI report will:

– Provide a data visualization and narrative on your healthcare spend using HIPAA-compliant data –

– Compare these spends to market trends –

– Connect you to the best solutions for cost control in this area –