What is Consumerism in Healthcare?

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By Nate Szabo In its most basic terms, consumerism refers to the theory that spending money and consuming goods is good for the economy. So how do we translate that to healthcare? Consumerism in healthcare focuses on putting the purchasing power in the hands of the health plan participants–your employees. The […]

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9 Ways to Offset Rising Healthcare Costs


By Matt Monda Many of you recently received double-digit rate increases from your employee benefits carriers. Now you are adjusting your 2020 strategy to absorb the financial hit. Those are some tough decisions. Have you considered all of your options? We asked for advice from expert CEO-advisor, Jim Schleckser, from […]

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Take Control of Your Next Broker Meeting

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By: Mike Schroeder, President Your insurance broker should work for you. Unless you’re already working with Roundstone along with an advisor that approaches benefit funding as we do, it may not be clear how to make the most of your broker relationship. What can you do to make your broker […]

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Why Self-Funded Health Plans are a Safe Bet

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By: Mike Schroeder, President Are you perplexed by this question: is your company’s health benefits plan fully insured or self-funded?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone in your uncertainty. You might think, of course my company offers health insurance and our employees contribute by paying a monthly premium to […]

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