How Our Group Medical Captive Provides a Lifeline for Small Business Health Insurance

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  • Roundstone’s group medical captive provides small business health insurance to companies looking for affordable benefits.
  • Our captive lets you pool funds with other similar-sized employers so you can self-fund your own healthcare insurance for employees.
  • We offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll save money on a group captive plan, letting you reduce your healthcare expenses and provide better coverage.
  • Roundstone gives you greater flexibility, control, and transparency, helping you cut costs, provide better benefits, and boost employee well-being.


Faced with escalating insurance costs, many small to midsize businesses (SMBs) feel trapped when it comes to providing employee health benefits, thinking options are limited or change is too risky. Changing providers is often complicated, and with only a handful of big-name insurers to choose from, it can feel like you’re being tossed around in a storm with no safe harbor in sight.


You may be wrestling with sky-high premiums or thinking about dropping health benefits. Healthcare has become a top business expense — second only to payroll. The price of providing employees benefits has increased 150% in the last 10 years. It has become increasingly hard to find employees quality benefits at a rate you can afford.


These tough decisions aren’t just about numbers; they can also affect your employees’ happiness and health. It also affects employee retention and morale. Forbes Advisor found that 40% of employers say they believe workers leave their job to find employment that offers better benefits.


Enter Roundstone — your lifeline in these rough waters. Our group medical captive solution provides an alternative that’s affordable and effective. With Roundstone’s health insurance for small business, you no longer have to feel like you’re drowning.




Throwing a Lifeline: Roundstone’s Self-Funded Health Insurance

Countless SMBs find themselves adrift in today’s health insurance market. Not only are premiums rising, but the cost of healthcare services is increasing at a staggering rate. For instance, between 2004 and 2021, emergency room fees in the U.S. have risen 531%, which has increased the cost of services for ER visits.


Roundstone offers the long-awaited lifeline that SMBs need to stay afloat in the face of inflation and changing healthcare needs. We understand the frustrations and challenges that SMBs face when seeking sustainable health benefit solutions. Our group medical captive is designed to provide flexibility, control, and cost savings to SMBs.


It represents a smarter, more efficient alternative to the maze of traditional insurance, ensuring that you no longer have to go it alone with your employee health insurance plan.


Our approach provides companies with more control over their healthcare expenses. By addressing the pain points many face with traditional options, such as rigid coverage, high premiums, and lack of data transparency, we help your business offer high-quality coverage at a reasonable cost — supporting our mission of a better life for all.


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The Lifeline in Action: How Our Medical Group Captives Work

Navigating health insurance can be challenging, but Roundstone Insurance offers a refreshing alternative that brings together the best of flexibility, affordability, and hands-on control — elements often missing when dealing with traditional insurance.


What Is a Group Captive?

A group captive insurance model essentially reimagines the insurance approach. Rather than paying fixed premiums to an external insurance company, organizations use self-funded insurance, setting aside funds in anticipation of future claims.


A group captive is a shared insurance pool, where every captive member contributes funds to a shared savings account for healthcare costs.


This model prioritizes transparency, giving direct insight into businesses’ healthcare expenses and offering flexibility and control over costs. This provides a clear view of where their money goes and more say in how it’s used.




How Does a Group Medical Captive Work?

Roundstone’s group medical captive adapts the group captive insurance model for healthcare. By bringing together multiple employers, we create a collective insurance pool that offers the advantages typically reserved for big corporations. Roundstone created the industry’s first group captive for self-funded insurance in 2005.


Our innovative approach creates more efficiency, better scaling, and cost-effective health insurance options, making it easier for all businesses to navigate the healthcare landscape.


Here’s how it works: When you join a group captive, we help you build a plan with specific coverages tailored to your unique needs. As part of the captive, you set aside funds in the group pool to pay for standard services. You are also protected by stop-loss insurance against catastrophic or high claims.


Our cost containment teams and claims dashboard provide real-time insights and data transparency, helping you understand spending patterns and make changes at any time. This approach ensures efficiency and makes navigating the healthcare landscape easier and more predictable.


The Roundstone Guarantee: Get Back Your Unused Premiums

For smaller companies, every dollar saved can mean the difference between growth and stagnation. Roundstone’s is more than just an insurance model — it’s a promise to businesses that they’re gaining a genuine financial ally.


Captive participants pay only for the healthcare they use, and the beauty of this model is that unspent captive premium dollars are distributed back to them every year. We guarantee that you’ll save money when you use our self-funded program — in five years of using Roundstone’s model, you’ll save money over a traditional insurance package, or we make up the difference.


In fact, two-thirds of our customers save enough in the first four years to cover claims for their fifth year.


We’ve given back an astounding $72 million to our participants over the last 20 years — funds that traditional insurance models would have kept in their own pockets.


Roundstone’s commitment to this model is evident not just in words but in actions. We’ve successfully self-funded our team’s health insurance without shifting costs onto our employees for eight consecutive years, giving us an edge in hiring and retaining talent.


We proudly stand by our model, illustrating its tangible benefits for all.


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Benefits of Grabbing the Lifeline: Take Back Control of Your Healthcare Spending

We know that navigating the healthcare landscape can be intimidating. With Roundstone, you get a guiding hand, transforming challenges into opportunities for savings and improved service.


Personalized Service

At Roundstone, our philosophy goes beyond just insurance; it’s about forging genuine partnerships. Our advisors and CSI Teams help you build your tailored plan based on your company’s employee demographics and healthcare needs.


This hands-on approach means you are never alone — you can always turn to us for support in addressing challenges, such as unexpected claims, new coverages, or reducing costs.


Complete Transparency

Roundstone operates with an open-book philosophy. Our CSI Dashboard is a testament to this commitment, offering a real-time view of your spending. You can see where you’re spending your money — such as the emergency department or pharmacy — and implement cost savings strategies to lower costs.


No hidden surprises, just complete transparency that demystifies healthcare spending.


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Control Over Plan Coverage

A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach? Not at Roundstone! We recognize the diverse needs of businesses. With us, you gain control over every facet of your plan design. We work with you to select your Third Party Administrator (TPA), Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), and best-fit vendors, ensuring that your coverage is precisely tailored to your needs.


We can also help you find coverage for relevant needs like telehealth, mental health services, and chronic care management. This provides better healthcare for your team and can help boost morale and productivity.


100% Return of Unspent Claims Funds Pro Rata

Roundstone’s commitment to value is unmatched. We champion the philosophy that businesses should reap the benefits of their prudence. That’s why we guarantee a 100% return of unspent claims funds pro rata. It’s about rewarding fiscal responsibility and putting the money where it truly belongs — back in your hands.


Grab the Lifeline: Get Affordable Small Business Health Insurance for Your Employees Today

Navigating healthcare doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With Roundstone as your partner, you’re grabbing a lifeline that promises major savings and superior healthcare options. Our model is proof that quality care and affordability can go hand-in-hand.


Reach out to Roundstone today and learn how making the switch can help you save thousands and provide better healthcare to your employees.






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