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Use our savings calculator below to estimate your savings with self-funding in the Roundstone Captive as compared to your current fully-insured premium.

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Annual double-digit health premium increases have become the norm. Small and mid-size businesses are forced to shoulder this financial burden year after year. But there is a better alternative. Companies are banding together in a health insurance pool to increase control and reduce the cost of their medical benefits spend. It’s called a group medical captive – and it works!


To see how much you can save, enter the current number of employees enrolled in your health plan and your current fully-insured premium amount. We will instantly calculate how much the captive solution can save you over 5 years.  We are confident Roundstone will provide a huge value to your business.

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DISCLAIMER: The estimate provided by this calculator is based on the premium information supplied by you. The estimate is not an exact calculation of your actual premium costs and does not reflect all of the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions that may apply specifically to the coverage and particular services provided in your employee benefit plan. Please be advised the information you input has not been reviewed by Roundstone and the Projected 5 Year Savings Calculator is intended to be a reference tool.

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Guaranteed Savings

With the promise of consistent, significant savings over a five-year span — and a guarantee to cover any difference — you can enjoy both the financial benefits and peace of mind.

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