Use Data Insights to Cut Employee Benefit Costs

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Highlights  Rising employee benefit costs threaten your company’s bottom line. Measuring and analyzing your healthcare data allows you to understand where your highest healthcare costs are occurring and how to mitigate them. With Roundstone’s Area to Impact (ATI) reports, employers can compare their costs to national benchmarks and implement strategies […]

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Only 29% Would Recommend Their Health Insurance Carrier

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Highlights Consumers are showing growing dissatisfaction with traditional health insurance plans offered by employers. A self-funded health insurance plan may be a better alternative for some small and midsize businesses who want to improve their employee benefits plan. Self-funding through a group medical captive offers flexibility, data transparency, and cost […]

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Is Self-Funded Health Insurance Right for Your Business?

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Highlights   Many small to midsize businesses may not know they are an ideal fit to benefit from the flexibility, control, and transparency offered through self-funded health insurance. The ideal candidate for self-funded health insurance views their employees as an asset and focuses on attracting and retaining top talent. Self-funded health […]

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From the Field: Top 10 Reasons Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Level-Fund


While traveling around the country, Roundstone’s Regional Practice Leaders meet a lot of employers who are frustrated with their fully-insured health insurance plans. Huge increase at renewal, no transparency, and little flexibility top the list of issues.   Roundstone’s self-funded group medical captive solution is a great alternative. It’s a […]

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Should You Rethink Your Employee Benefits Package?

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The rise of remote work has led to changes in the benefits workers expect from their employers. Higher rates of resignations and job changes have prompted companies to strengthen their benefits packages to attract and retain employees. Just as hybrid work models are becoming more popular, flexible hybrid care packages […]

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Top 10 Podcasts for HR Professionals [And Why We Love Them]

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Highlights   Listening to podcasts for HR professionals is a great way to learn industry trends and get inspiration for employee benefits improvements. Top podcasts cover industry news and trends and offer expert insights in an accessible format. You can learn new tips, strategies, and ideas for employee health benefits by […]

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What Makes a Great Benefits Advisor?

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Highlights The best way to pick the right employer-sponsored health insurance plan is with the help and guidance of a knowledgeable benefits advisor. A benefits advisor (also called a broker) helps coordinate healthcare communications and advises employers on their healthcare options. Expertise in the complexities of modern healthcare helps benefits […]

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Employee Benefits Education: How to Encourage Self-Advocacy

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Highlights   Employee benefits education is a vital element of maintaining a cost-effective health insurance plan for your employees. Educating your employees on self-advocacy allows them to receive better care and reduces your healthcare expenses. Self-advocacy involves employees asking healthcare providers important questions to make informed decisions about care. To further […]

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