Cost Containment

Fixed vs. Variable Group Captive Health Insurance Costs

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Highlights  Insurance carriers that offer fully insured plans bring in big profits with 100% fixed-rate structured health insurance. Fixed costs with self-funded group captive insurance are only around 15%. With group captive insurance, you are free to use cost-containment strategies to lower the remaining 85% of your expenses. By using […]

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How Clinical Care Management Can Lower Your Healthcare Costs

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Highlights  Clinical care management is a team-based approach to healthcare that focuses on helping high-risk patients manage chronic or life-threatening conditions. Clinical care management lowers healthcare costs by reducing unnecessary ER and hospital visits and improving patients’ overall health. Implementing clinical care management features into your insurance coverage is essential […]

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Behavioral and Mental Health Trends To Watch in 2022

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Highlights   Mental health trends show an increased need for mental and behavioral health services. Many are turning to digital health tools to treat rising mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The increase in mental health issues means employers need to offer health insurance plans that provide access to telehealth […]

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5 Cost-Containment Strategies for Managing Catastrophic Diagnoses

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Highlights Cost-containment strategies for catastrophic diagnoses are essential to a self-funded group captive insurance plan. A catastrophic diagnosis like cancer or kidney failure can result in atypical expenses. Encouraging regular visits to primary care providers is the number one way to manage catastrophic diagnosis costs. Companies can also manage catastrophic […]

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Managing Health Insurance Costs Is a Long-Term Strategy

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Owners of small and midsize businesses need to think long-term when planning how to best manage healthcare insurance costs. On one hand, employers want to provide the best coverage available to their hard-working employees. On the other hand, employers also need to keep a tight rein on costs.   The […]

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Captives Do It Better: Data Transparency

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The idea of asking your insurance carrier for your healthcare and claims data has been taboo for so long that it isn’t listed as an FAQ on any major fully insured carrier’s website. That’s right, in the digital age, with a wealth of information at our fingertips, it’s impossible to […]

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Top 5 Trends Impacting Health Insurance Costs


Roundstone has been keeping tabs on the most creative and innovative solutions implemented by open-minded employer clients over the past year to better meet their employees’ changing needs and control health insurance costs. We’re also always on the lookout for what’s coming next. We all saw big changes in 2020 […]

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