2021 in Review: Our Greatest Hits


This is always a good time to reflect on the year. And what a year it’s been! Emerging from a global pandemic only to find ourselves feeling like we are right back where we started. But we have all learned, adapted, and grown along the way, and we will continue to do so.


In the spirit of the season for reflecting, w​​​​​​e’ve looked back and put together 5 of our top posts for you. Enjoy – and stay safe and healthy out there.


5. Top 5 Trends Influencing Health Insurance Costs


It’s fitting that the blog that kicked off 2021 was a favorite all year long! Read about our predictions for the top 5 drivers of healthcare costs in 2021, and watch our webinar with Roundstone President Mike Schroeder and AHealthcareZ founder Dr. Eric Bricker. How did we do?


4. Captive Insurance Advisors: What to Expect at Renewal Time


For employers who have only had experience in the fully-insured world, renewal time can be a source of stress and uncertainty. Read Roundstone Director of Customer Experience Jasmine Bibb’s post on the Roundstone approach: why it’s different and how to set expectations to relieve anxiety. Featuring an interview with our Relationship Managers, this is worth the read this time of year.


3. Understanding Stop-Loss Insurance


A stop-loss policy reinsures your health plan against high-cost specific claims as well as aggregate utilization rate of claims. It’s part of the secret sauce that makes your health plan work for you. Read up on stop-loss and how it can make a difference to your plan.


2. Designing Group Captives to Cut Costs Your Way


Plan design makes a real difference when you make the switch to a self-funded health plan. Read all about how custom plan design helps you save big and deliver quality benefits to your employees.


1. MCF 2021: Raising the Game for Group Health Insurance


Relive our first totally virtual Medical Captive Forum. See main-stage events featuring industry experts like Dr. Eric Bricker, Health Rosetta founder David Chase, and Phil M Jones— and watch educational sessions on self funding. It’s all available on demand, easy peasy.


​​​​​​​Save the date: MCF 2022 will be held at the Cleveland Hilton Downtown, May 17-19, 2022. Stay tuned for more details and registration info in January!




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