10 Workplace Wellness Books Not to Miss

Reading a workplace wellness book.


  • Improving your company’s wellness culture can boost mental health, work performance, and overall employee satisfaction.
  • Reading books on corporate wellness can inspire your team with new ideas for wellbeing programs and solutions that work for your organization.
  • With a flexible self-funded group captive health insurance plan, you can implement customized wellness incentives that benefit your employees and your organization.


Wellness culture has become an important focus for organizations recruiting and retaining top employees. That’s why wellness programs can be critical components of self-funded health insurance plans. Great books about workplace wellness can inspire HR professionals and team leaders to be proactive about building a wellness culture in your organization.


Top Books on Workplace Wellness


Here at Roundstone, we’ve worked hard to create a workplace wellness culture as part of our commitment to a better life for all. To help you do the same, we’ve compiled a list of 10 great books that can inspire you to develop a wellness-focused workplace culture for improved physical and mental health in the workplace.


Here are our top picks.


mental health and wellbeing in the worklace1. Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees by Gill Hasson and Donna Butler


Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace is an essential read for anyone looking to improve workplace mental health outcomes. It provides practical advice on creating a positive and supportive workplace culture that prioritizes employees’ mental health and wellbeing.


Why We Love It


Mental health is a hot topic these days as more employees are demanding better coverage. This book gives employers actionable strategies for recognizing signs of mental health problems and supporting employees who may be struggling. It also covers stress management, work-life balance, and communication, which are critical for promoting mental health and wellbeing at work.


remote not distant2. Remote Not Distant: Design a Company Culture That Will Help You Thrive in a Hybrid Workplace by Gustavo Razzetti


Remote Not Distant is packed with practical tips and strategies for creating a positive and productive remote work environment, emphasizing the importance of clear communication, trust, and collaboration in a remote or hybrid work setting.


Why We Love It


Razzetti draws on his extensive experience as a remote work consultant to provide real-world examples of companies that have successfully transitioned to a hybrid workplace. He also covers leadership, hiring and onboarding, and managing performance in a remote or hybrid work environment.


the employee wellbeing handbook3. The Employee Wellbeing Handbook: A Guide for Collaboration Across all Departments, Benefit Vendors, and Health Practitioners to Build a Culture of Wellness Within any Organization by Cassie Sobelton


The Employee Wellbeing Handbook provides detailed guidance on implementing effective employee benefits programs and initiatives to support employee mental, physical, and financial wellbeing.


Why We Love It


Sobelton shows how organizations can promote positive mental health in the workplace by reducing stigma, providing access to mental health education and resources, and training managers to recognize and respond to mental health concerns.


The book also provides detailed advice on how to promote healthy behaviors such as exercise and healthy eating through initiatives such as wellness challenges and health coaching programs. This book can be especially helpful when designing and implementing a self-funded insurance plan to optimize mental health benefits to employees.


can captive insurance help your company save money


wellbeing at work4. Wellbeing at Work: How to Design, Implement and Evaluate an Effective Strategy by Ian Hesketh and Cary Cooper


Written by leading experts in the field, Wellbeing at Work is an excellent guide for employers responsible for creating and implementing workplace wellbeing strategies.


Why We Love It


What sets this book apart is its accessibility, despite its frequent reference to academic evidence. The authors provide clear guidance on what needs to be done and how best to do it. The book is well organized and includes helpful key takeaways at the end of each section. It also covers potential problems and pitfalls in implementing a wellbeing strategy and ways to evaluate its effectiveness.


Essential-wellness-programs-in-self-funded-insurance-plans_Roundstone Insurance


workplace wellness that works5. Workplace Wellness that Works: 10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being and Vitality into Any Organization by Laura Putnam


In Workplace Wellness that Works, Putnam emphasizes that workplace wellness is not just a nice-to-have but a necessity for both employees and the organization as a whole. The book lays out 10 practical steps for developing a successful wellness program, with each step backed up by research and case studies.


Why We Love It


The book focuses on actionable advice, with specific examples and templates for creating a wellness program tailored to each organization. Putnam also addresses common obstacles and challenges in implementing a wellness program and provides strategies for overcoming them. If you plan to implement a wellness program as part of your self-funded insurance plan, this book is essential.


the 4 stages of psychological safety6. The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation by Timothy R. Clark


The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety is a thought-provoking and insightful book that delves into psychological safety in the workplace. Clark argues that creating a psychologically safe environment is essential for fostering innovation and inclusion and lays out a framework of four stages for achieving this.


Why We Love It


This book offers practical advice and real-life examples of organizations that have successfully implemented psychological safety in their workplaces, making it a must-read for leaders and managers looking to create a culture of mental wellness in their organizations.


work better together7. Work Better Together: How to Cultivate Strong Relationships to Maximize Wellbeing and Boost Bottom Lines by Jen Fisher and Ahn Phillips


This outstanding book offers actionable insights for creating a positive and productive workplace culture. The authors provide strategies to enhance relationships and promote wellbeing, including active listening, empathy, and appreciation.


Why We Love It


Fisher and Phillips demonstrate the importance of regularly engaging in conversations with team members and colleagues, seeking feedback, and providing recognition and support.


The authors also highlight the need to create a psychologically safe workplace where individuals can be authentic without fear of judgment. The book suggests implementing regular team-building activities and encouraging collaboration across teams to strengthen relationships.


the culture question8. The Culture Question: How to Create a Workplace Where People Like to Work by Randy Grieser, Eric Stutzman, Wendy Loewen, and Michael Labun


The Culture Question offers advice for improving employee engagement and retention, and fostering a culture of trust, accountability, and respect.


Why We Love It


The authors draw on their extensive experience in leadership development and organizational culture to provide actionable insights and tools for building a successful workplace culture. They address common challenges employers face, such as communication breakdowns, resistance to change, and disengagement, and offer effective solutions.


The book is well-organized and easy to follow, with engaging anecdotes and case studies illustrating the key concepts.


beating burnout at work9. Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resilience by Paula Davis


Beating Burnout at Work focuses on the role of teams in combating burnout and promoting wellbeing, emphasizing the importance of creating a supportive team culture that prioritizes communication, collaboration, and mutual respect.


Why We Love It


Davis provides tools for managers to help their teams thrive, including building trust, setting clear expectations, and promoting work-life balance. One of the book’s strengths is its emphasis on the connection between wellbeing and productivity. Davis argues that investing in employee wellbeing improves individual health and happiness and leads to higher job satisfaction, engagement, and better business outcomes.


Reading-and-relaxation-can-be-central-to-wellness-in-a-self-funded-insurance-plan_Roundstone Insurance


the fearless organization10. The Fearless Organization: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace for Learning, Innovation, and Growth by Amy Edmondson


The Fearless Organization by Amy Edmondson is an essential read for companies looking to foster a workplace wellness culture. Edmondson’s book focuses on creating a psychologically safe environment for employees by encouraging learning, innovation, and growth.


Why We Love It


By emphasizing the importance of trust, communication, and collaboration, the book provides practical strategies for leaders to cultivate a workplace culture that prioritizes the wellbeing of their employees. Your team can gain insights and knowledge to help you implement a wellness culture that promotes a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce.


Boost Employee Wellness at Your Company With Self-Funded Insurance


With Roundstone’s self-funded group captive insurance, you can support employee wellness for better health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. Our self-insured group captive plan offers the flexibility to design your own plan. You decide what your plan will and will not cover, and you can choose your own third-party administrator (TPA), pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), and provider network.


Unlike the mega insurance carriers, we also believe in data transparency — you own your healthcare claims data. Our transparent approach empowers you to implement cost savings solutions like employee wellbeing programs, telehealth coverage, and behavioral health access that meet the needs of your employees — all at an affordable cost to you. We’ll even return your unused premiums to you at the end of each plan year.


Contact Us to Learn More


Speak to a Roundstone representative today to learn how a self-funded group captive plan can help you build a workplace wellness culture — and save you money.






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