June 13, 2018

Who Are The Cost Savings Investigators?

meet the csi team

The Cost Savings Investigators (CSI Team) are not a single department, but rather a collection of professionals across several of Roundstone’s departments. They use their expertise to deliver the value of transparency and control to our captive participants.

The CSI Team’s areas of expertise include:



The Data Analysts compile data and create reports to detect claim trends that can be addressed through cost containment solutions.


Roundstone’s nurses are health care clinicians with years of experience caring for patients. They review claims experience and medical records to interpret prognoses and understand treatment options.


The coverage intended by the employer and the coverage established in the plan document are not always the same. Our legal team can recommend plan document language that ensures an employer’s interests are protected.


Roundstone performs all underwriting and adjusts all stop loss claims in house. These team members often have the first opportunity to recognize a potentially significant claim. They are able to initiate efforts to mitigate costs and improve outcomes by working closely with the rest of the CSI team.


There are dozens of cost containment solutions available today – with new solutions continually being introduced. Our dedicated Cost Containment Consultant manages these solution providers and stays on top of the latest ideas. This intimate understanding of the resources available, allows us to match an employer with a solution provider that can deliver results.


Cost saving strategies will not produce realizable savings unless properly implemented. Your Client Manager is here to help navigate the options and implement the right solution.

These services are included with your company’s participation in a Roundstone stop loss captive. If you are interested in taking advantage of these or have any questions, give us a call. We are excited to begin working with you and your advisor.