Roundstone Launches Data Transparency Tool to Pinpoint High-Impact Areas for Cost Savings


New “Area to Impact” Dashboard Helps Customers See Their Healthcare Spend Compared to Benchmarks and Provides Actionable Recommendations to Improve 



LAKEWOOD, Ohio, February 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Roundstone, a health insurance provider specializing in self-funded medical group captive solutions, today introduced Area to Impact (ATI), an innovative data transparency tool that enables employers to better understand and confront rising healthcare costs.


The ATI dashboards and reports harness the power of data analytics to give Roundstone customers unparalleled insights to their healthcare spend. These insights are not limited to individual spending metrics – ATIs will also enable employers to compare their healthcare costs to industry-wide benchmark and healthcare trends so they can better gauge performance.



As part of Roundstone’s commitment to healthcare transparency and its ground-breaking Cost Savings Investigators (CSI) program, ATI reports are released to select Roundstone clients on a quarterly basis and will focus on a pressing topic in employer-funded health: Urgent Care Utilization, Rx Spend, Mental Health, COVID-19 Mitigation, and Emergency Room Utilization, for example.


Each ATI report will:

  • Provide a data visualization and narrative on their healthcare spend using HIPAA-compliant data
  • Compare these spends to market trends
  • Connect employers to the best solutions for cost control in this area


“Our approach to data transparency and cost containment is focused on tangible results,” says Michael Schroeder, President, Roundstone. “It should come as no surprise, our advisors and their Roundstone employer groups see an average of 20% savings on their annual healthcare spend, compared to fully-insured plans.”


Small to mid-sized employers across many industries are currently enrolled in Roundstone’s group medical captives. For more information, please visit:



About Roundstone Insurance


The corporate office of Roundstone, a health insurance provider specializing in self-funded medical group captive solutions


Roundstone is an innovative insurance organization founded in 2003 with a vision of giving small and mid-sized businesses a proven strategy for affordable employee health insurance – our customers pay only for the healthcare they use while keeping the savings. Our unique self-funded group captive solution delivers high-quality care, mitigates risk, reduces claims volatility, controls costs, and returns savings right back to employers and employees– a win-win all around. Hundreds of businesses rely on Roundstone as their trusted health insurance provider, saving an average 20 percent annually over the past decade. Roundstone is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio with representatives throughout the United States. Stay connected with us on our blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



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