It’s Hiring Season: How Are You Attracting Top Talent?

Woman interviewing in front of three people for a new healthcare job

Do you have a strategy to offer your employees the best benefits in town without raising their contribution year after year?

According to a recent LinkedIn report, October is a busy hiring season for businesses. Are you looking to add to your team before the holidays? Maybe you’re welcoming employees back from furlough. Either way, great benefits attract top talent.

Not only is it hiring season, but for a lot of folks, it’s renewal season for your employee health benefits. This year has rocked many industries- can you afford the double-digit increase most fully insured plans are promising? Did you know that a change in census can affect your rates from a fully insured company? This detail, along with other factors, can make your renewal a big surprise every year. That causes a lot of stress- no one wants to be surprised by the cost of a top business expense!

How often in the past five years have you had to pass increases along to your employees to soften a double-digit increase in health insurance rates? Remember, great benefits attract and retain top talent. Tired of turnover? Sit down with your benefits advisor and review the benefits package you’re offering. Is it competitive? Is it affordable?

It’s natural to want to make as few changes as possible in a year that’s thrown curveball after curveball your way. But if there’s one simple change you can proactively make that cushions your bank account to roll with the punches of the unexpected, wouldn’t you implement it? Is a better alternative worth further investigating so you can choose to make a change, rather than feeling forced into a corner?

A self-funded plan with Roundstone can save you 20% annually on your health insurance costs. It’s a long-term strategy that pays off in the first 30 days. If you didn’t think you could make this fall a busy month of growth and hiring, one simple change to a top-line expense can really free up your cashflow to speed up your growth and recovery.

Roundstone offers a better alternative to innovative employers who want to provide their employees quality, affordable benefits. As a business owner and CEO, you want to spend your time on the things that will help your company thrive. One of our employers has been adamant: “I have a great company with great employees. I want to offer them great benefits.” This is our rallying cry, too!

When you’re unsure of your renewal rates every year, you can’t focus on the parts of your business that demand your attention. Make your renewal every year a non-event, so you can focus your time and energy on why you do business, instead of how.

Want to keep your mind off your health insurance rates while offering a competitive benefits package that makes hiring and retention a snap? Contact us to start a conversation!



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