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If you’re in the health and wellness industry, you already know that a robust benefits package is the best way to attract and retain top talent. Affordable, quality health insurance is often cited as a much sought-after benefit in your industry, but many companies feel trapped by rising costs and limited options. Rising healthcare costs have become the second biggest problem facing businesses like yours.


Roundstone has the answer. Designed specifically for small to mid-size employers, our group self-funded health insurance program offers plan flexibility, claims transparency, and control in managing costs. It’s all the benefits of self-funding – without the volatility – as employers like you band together to collectively self-insure like a Fortune 500. It’s an easy solution that saves you money and gives your business a cashflow injection when you need it most.


A self-funded plan with Roundstone can save you big– and get you more. The case study below demonstrates the impact of a self-funded plan.




A mental health clinic had successfully grown its operation over the years but was struggling with the ongoing increases in healthcare costs for its 400+ enrolled employees. Their advisor recommended a medical group captive from Roundstone that gave them access to the Aetna provider network with third party administration from Meritain. A quality plan with a trusted network to support the needs of its employees and their families.


The clinic joined the Roundstone captive in 2014 and here’s a look at their results over the last 7 years.




Fully Insured Cost (prior plan) – Jan 2014 to July 2020


2014: $1,786,918

2015: $2,060,175

2016: $2,473,175

2017: $3,024,066

2018: $5,940,130

2019: $6,907,119

2020: $4,750,781


7 Year Total Cost: $26,942,364

Actual Cost with the Roundstone Medical Group Captive


2014: $1,482,503

2015: $1,440,051

2016: $1,792,120

2017: $2,089,341

2018: $4,151,001

2019: $4,267,375

2020: $2,600,449


7 year total cost: $17,791,450

7 Year Savings: $9,150,914



In just 7 years, the clinic has saved over $9M. That’s more than $1M each year- an overall savings of 34%! Plus, their PEPY (per employee per year) cost has netted an average $4,694 in savings. What can a self-funded plan do for you?




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