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2023 Summer Breeze Logo

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2023 Medical Captive Forum

Mission Possible: Affordable, Quality Healthcare for All
Roundstone’s Medical Captive Forum (MCF) was created to bring employers and benefits advisors together to learn more about self-funding best practices and trends. Educational at its heart, the MCF dives deep into the current health insurance marketplace to find solutions that save employers money while enriching their employee benefits programs.
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A Masterclass for Advisors

Overcoming Objections to Self-Funding Health Insurance
Advisors! Join us for a special Masterclass webinar based on the Sandler sales training method and Roundstone’s experience. You will learn how to overcome the top 5 objections we come across when positioning and selling the Roundstone Captive solution for self-funded health plans to prospective clients.
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Essential Guide to Self-Funding for HR Executives

With advice and tips from a team of experts, these comprehensive guidelines will help HR managers and anyone responsible for benefits in an organization to better understand how self-insurance works.

Is Your Company a Good Candidate for Group Captive Insurance?

Not sure if you could make a self-funded plan work for your organization or client? We've got you covered! Get this handy checklist and see.
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The Roundstone Guarantee: How It Works

By participating in our group medical captive, we guarantee that you will save money in the first five years or we’ll make up the difference. Download this fact sheet and learn how it works.