Health insurance For Small Businesses

We help small and midsize businesses purchase health benefits like the Fortune 500.

Small Business Health Insurance Challenges

Small business health insurance can come with its challenges. From unexpected premium changes to impersonal plans, traditional insurance options might not support your team’s needs the way they should. You might even opt out of insurance options altogether for the sake of your budget. The decision not to offer an employee benefits package can really hurt your strategy to recruit and retain top talent in your industry. What’s an employer to do?


At Roundstone, we make health insurance for small businesses possible. Self-funded captive insurance gives you the control and personalization you want without the rising premiums.

A Self-Funded Insurance Solution


Self-funded insurance, also called a self-insured plan, means you pay for your employees’ health claims rather than paying a fixed premium to a carrier for a fully-insured health plan. A claims management company called a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) provides administrative services like payment management, underwriting, and program development – so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer a type of self-funded insurance called a group captive to small and midsize businesses with 25 or more employees. We help you budget effectively for your expected healthcare consumption. The group captive is a shared-risk model; you are banded together with over 600 small and midsize businesses, each contributing a portion of premium to the pool. Rather than accepting all the risk yourself, you share it with other businesses that are also looking to reduce their risk.


The Benefits of Self-Funded Captive Insurance

With Roundstone Insurance, you can enjoy advantages like:


Instead of 100% fixed costs like a fully insured plan offers, self-funded captive insurance drops your fixed costs down to about 15% of your total healthcare spend. This means that 85% of your costs are now variable, and a variable cost is a cost you can actively work to contain. Your risk is shared with other employers in the captive pool, and you only pay for the healthcare your enrolled employees use.

Personalized Services

We help you design and maintain a health plan that works for your employees. We work with your benefits advisor to do so. Our Cost Saving Investigators (aka the CSI Team) analyze your data to provide plan optimization recommendations that can boost your savings even more.


Leave behind the “one-size-fits-all” policies — Roundstone lets you design your plan however you need. Choose your own best-in-class third-party administrator (TPA), Pharmaceutical Benefits Manager (PBM), and cost-containment vendors. We pull it together in one simple "bundle" so your solution is easy to manage.

Cash Back

At the end of the year, you keep 100% of what you don't use in your own claims account. And you get cash back from any unspent premium in the pool. Our approach helps employers save anywhere from 20% to 30% of their healthcare expenses annually.

Why Is This Model Right for Your Small Business?

Self-funded health insurance for small businesses lets you retain more control through self-selecting best-in-class solution providers and thoughtfully designating benefits, employee contributions, and eligibility. You can provide health insurance options that actually address your employees’ specific needs. 


Significant cost savings is one of the most important aspects of self-funded health insurance – paying only for what you need and use. It plays a big role in helping a small or new business represent its employees’ needs without exceeding its budget. You can fund the plan by paying claims as you go or making one predictable monthly payment by funding to max costs, or funding to expected costs. It all depends on your preferences. And as a reminder, the TPA manages all this on your behalf. For your small business, the claims management experience can feel the same as being fully-insured – except with more personal service.

Get Health Insurance for Your Small Business Today

At Roundstone Insurance, we created the first medical group captive of its kind to meet the needs of small business entrepreneurs looking for affordable and personalized employee healthcare plans. Our self-funded captive health insurance gives you more freedom while offering support when you need it most.


To learn more and see if you’re a good fit, contact us online, call 440-617-0333, or view our resources to get started.

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