The economic and regulatory landscape has been forcing change in the healthcare industry. The political aspect of healthcare is out of your control, but the power to control your benefit plan and contain costs is not. Your success depends on taking control. Roundstone offers control by removing the limitations of traditional insurance and delivers protection against volatile premium hikes.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

Control means you’re in charge. With traditional insurance carriers, your control begins and ends at selecting from a limited set of plan designs and paying your premium. With Roundstone, you may start with the off-the-shelf employee benefit plans, but you have the power to add or customize critical health plan strategies. You are empowered to direct crucial aspects of your benefit plan, including:

  • Choose your claim advocate and/or network of health care providers
  • Select your preferred cost containment solutions
  • Review your benefit plan reporting and adjust plan design with the information

Roundstone’s captive insurance program offers a clear path to control, while offering a customized solution that aligns with your business objectives and suits the needs of your employees.

Get started controlling your health benefit outcomes. Contact Roundstone.