Why a Long-Term View is Key to the Success of Self-Funded Health Plans

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  • Viewing health benefits as a long-term investment, like other strategic areas of your business, allows you to better manage healthcare costs and refine benefit offerings.
  • Self-funding, with its benefits of data transparency, flexibility, and control, enables businesses to build a high-performance health plan tailored for their employee population.
  • Businesses that self-fund in the Roundstone Captive demonstrate the potential for substantial long-term savings, with real-world examples resulting in $1.3 million in savings over five years.
  • By using claims data to inform decisions, you can prioritize employee health and well-being through proactive cost containment solutions and incentivizing healthy behaviors.

When it comes to health insurance for small to midsized businesses, long-term planning is essential for sustainable growth and employee well-being. A well-designed self-funding strategy gives you control, opportunities for cost containment, and adaptability, empowering your business to thrive in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. By thinking of your benefits as a long-term approach through a self-funding strategy, you can optimize savings while simultaneously improving care quality.


Managing Healthcare Costs: Playing the Long Game

Just as you wouldn’t purchase a home or car with only a 12-month perspective, the same wisdom should apply to choosing health benefits for your employees. At Roundstone, we advocate using long-term planning for managing your healthcare costs.


For example, consider purchasing a new home. A house isn’t just a place to live for a year — it’s an investment that appreciates when properly maintained. Similarly, a car isn’t simply a vehicle to get from Point A to Point B — it’s a long-term asset requiring regular upkeep.


Health benefits should be viewed in the same way — a long-term investment in the well-being and productivity of your team. This approach allows you to make data-informed decisions, strategically manage costs, and continually refine the employee health benefits you offer, ensuring you get the most bang for your buck.


Short-term thinking might offer immediate cost savings, but the long game optimizes sustainable value and employee health. In the long term, you’ll save more while ensuring high-quality care and better health outcomes for your employees.




The Group Medical Captive: A Solution for Long-Term Savings

For optimizing health benefits for your employees, Roundstone’s group medical captive offers a compelling, long-term value proposition. Traditional fully insured plans may seem straightforward, but their costs can escalate dramatically year over year, and there is no data transparency


How Does a Group Medical Captive Work?

At Roundstone, our Group Medical Captive isn’t just another health insurance option — it’s a smarter strategy for your dollars. In a group medical captive, multiple employers band together to pool their resources to mitigate risk.


The Roundstone Captive enables companies to self-insure safely. With our three-tiered model, you pay for healthcare costs up to a specific deductible, you share some costs above that deductible across a pool of hundreds of other employers in the Captive, and finally, you shift costs to a stop-loss carrier to cover catastrophic claims. The Captive, with its thousands of lives, acts as an additional protective layer that absorbs risk, reduces stop-loss fixed costs, and gives smaller companies the advantages of self-insuring like the Fortune 500s.


Participants in the captive also have HIPAA-compliant access to their own group’s claims data. These insights help to identify healthcare cost drivers and the most effective cost containment solutions to tackle them. This approach drives down individual costs for each employer and also for the entire captive pool.


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Long-Term Impact on Employee Satisfaction

Thinking long-term applies to employee well-being, too. Roundstone’s group captive offers a customizable approach that lets you focus on employee well-being through wellness programs that boost productivity, physical and mental health, and all-around savings.


Manage Costs By Incentivizing Healthy Behaviors

Managing costs by incentivizing healthy behaviors isn’t just good for your team; it’s a smart move for long-term insurance planning. Encouraging wellness through well-being programs reduces health risks, leading to lower insurance claims over time and higher productivity. A healthier workforce can mean more sustainable insurance costs in the long run.


You can easily incentivize healthy behaviors without breaking the bank. For example, encourage employees with the following activities and rewards:


  • Gym reimbursements. Cover part or all of your employees’ gym memberships as a direct investment in their health.
  • Walking meetings. Swap out some conference room time for a walk around the block to get ideas flowing and some step counting.
  • Team challenges. Create office-wide challenges based on step counts or healthy eating to encourage camaraderie and competition.
  • Point-based rewards. Implement a points system where employees can earn rewards for participating in health screenings or fitness classes. Points can be redeemed for gift cards, extra time off, or other perks.


How Does Self-Funded Insurance Benefit Employees?

Our own Roundstone case study tells the story. In spite of the sky-rocketing increase in healthcare costs, we haven’t had to increase the employees’ share of their health insurance premiums for eight straight years.


eight years zero increases


The Roundstone Guarantee

Nothing backs up our promise of long-term savings more than the Roundstone Guarantee. Two-thirds of our customers save enough in their first four years with us to pay the claims for their entire fifth year. And 100% save money, full stop.


You will save money in the first five years or we’ll make up the difference. If an employer doesn’t realize financial benefits over a five-year period being self-funded vs. fully insured, we’ll make up the difference. That’s our guarantee to you.


self-funding-strategy-group-discussion_Roundstone Insurance


Implement a Long-Term Strategy for Healthcare Benefits with Roundstone

Offering better benefits to your employees is not just about coverage — it’s about ensuring their well-being, happiness, and productivity. With self-funding and Roundstone leading the charge, you can give your team the best while realizing long-term savings for your company.


Explore the advantages of joining a group captive with a long-view approach and see the tangible benefits for yourself — and your team. Talk to a Roundstone representative today to learn how you can save money and offer better benefits with self-funding.






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