The Ultimate 2023 Recap: Top 10 Resources for Information on Self-Funded Health Insurance

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What a year! From insightful articles on industry trends to engaging videos on how a self-funded stop loss captive works, we’ve got your educational needs covered. Each piece in our Top 10 list has been selected for its popularity, relevance, impact, and value it brought to our audience. So, whether you’re a long-time follower or new to our community, join us as we revisit these highlights and celebrate a year of learning, growth, and connection. Here’s to the insights that shaped 2023 at Roundstone!


10. How Self-Funded Health Insurance Impacts Employee Satisfaction


Based on the presentation The Benefits of Good Benefits: How Self-Funding Impacts Employee Satisfaction, an HR perspective on self-funding from the 2023 Medical Captive Forum, this article explores how self-funding health insurance and employee satisfaction is essential for small to midsize companies looking to attract and retain talent. We like how it explains how self-funding empowers smaller companies with greater flexibility, transparency, and control, as well as its emphasis on the importance of employee satisfaction.
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9. Fixing Healthcare and Taking Back the American Dream


Last October, we were thrilled to have Dave Chase join our Founder and President Mike Schroeder to discuss solutions to fix healthcare and save the American dream. Dave is an author, speaker, and co-founder of Health Rosetta, a healthcare community of advisors, employers, and community leaders striving for the adoption of simple, practical, non-partisan fixes to our healthcare system.


The two discussed why expensive healthcare has become a national crisis and what employers and advisors can do about it. They shared real-life stories from companies and organizations that have solved the problem of costly benefits and provided detailed actionable solutions companies can take to lower their benefits costs.
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8. Understanding the Players in a Self-Funded Health Plan


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We love this article because it explains who’s who in a self-funded health insurance plan – what roles everyone plays to ensure your self-funding experience is seamless and stress-free. It lays out the advisor’s role, what you should expect from them, and why innovation is key. It explains why TPAs and PBMs are so vital to the savings and experience of a self-funded plan. It also details Roundstone’s role in managing your self-funded plan and what you can expect from us. With self-funding, you’re not in it alone. Your advisor, TPA, PBM, and Roundstone are here to help you every step of the way.
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7. Implementing with Roundstone


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Designed for advisors, our new Implementing with Roundstone certificate program is our new featured course on Roundstone University.


The course explains what to look for in an RFP, walks you through a Roundstone proposal and how to present it to clients, outlines the onboarding process for bringing on new clients, and explains the role of our Cost Savings Investigators (CSI) team in developing cost savings solutions and optimizing the savings of a self-funded health plan. Roundstone University is a great way to enhance your insurance knowledge and find ways to better serve your clients.
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6. Roundstone’s Success Story: How We Avoided Increasing Employee Contributions for 8 Years


data-chart-showing-the-success-of-Roundstones-self-funded-health-insurance-plan_Roundstone Insurance

Through participation in our own self-funded group captive, Roundstone employees have seen no meaningful increase in their premium contribution for 8 straight years.

Over the past decade, employee contributions for family coverage have risen 43% on average across the nation.


But for Roundstone employees, contributions to health coverage haven’t raised a dime in 8 years. We’re pretty proud of that.


Roundstone takes its own medicine – we self-fund our employee benefits program in the same stop loss captive we offer our clients. And because of the affordable advantages of self-funded health insurance, as well as our own cost-saving initiatives, we’ve been able to keep insurance premiums very affordable for our employees.


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5. Lay of the Land Podcast with Roundstone


We always love a good podcast. In his Lay of the Land podcast, host Jeffrey Stern interviews Mike Schroeder, Roundstone’s founder and president. Mike speaks candidly about the challenges employers face today due to the escalating cost of healthcare, the misaligned incentives that fuel expensive healthcare costs, and, importantly, how Roundstone is working to explicitly realign incentives to provide a healthcare solution that works for the benefit of its users. He shares his thoughts on why healthcare has become so expensive and what employers and advisors can do to fix it.
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4. Emerging Healthcare Trends: How to Manage High Prescription Drug Costs


Inspired by our on-demand Summer Breeze webinar Emerging Trends for Managing Costs in Pharma, this article explores the rise in prescription drug costs and measures employers can take to lower their pharmacy spend.


It explains the importance of using a pass-through Pharmacy Benefits Manager to pass on savings, rather than keeping it for themselves. It also outlines how a self-funded health plan allows employers to control pharmacy spend through cost containment efforts, flexible plan design, and more affordable drug alternatives. With self-funding, employers can lower their prescription costs while still providing their employees the high-quality care they need.


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3. Customer Experience in Health Insurance: Q&A with Jasmine Bibb, Director of Customer Experience at Roundstone


satisified-employees-in-a-self-funded-stop-loss-captive_Roundstone Insurance
At Roundstone, we understand that customer experience is everything to the self-funding solution. This article features a Q&A with Jasmine Bibb, Director of Customer Experience at Roundstone and Bywater, Roundstone’s in-house TPA. Jasmine explains how Roundstone and the TPA collaborate to create a seamless claims experience. We like this article because it breaks down the importance of the customer experience and why it’s essential to have a good TPA running the show.


“Ultimately our goal is to equip HR professionals and the everyday consumer with the tools needed to better understand health insurance and recognize when advocacy is needed,” Jasmine says. “We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our client’s HR team.”


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2. How to Find the Best Stop-Loss Captive for Your Employee Health Plan


Stop-loss captives have become a popular way for small to midsize businesses to confidently self-fund their benefits solutions, but not all  captives are created equal. We like this article because it clearly outlines how to evaluate a captive and what you need to look for to ensure a successful self-funding experience.


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1. How the Roundstone Captive Works


Video-still-of-how-Roundstone-self-funded-stop-loss-captive-works_Roundstone Insurance


This video is a must for both advisors and employers looking to understand a stop-loss captive and the problems it solves. Healthcare costs are expected to double in the next 4 years. Both employers and employees are frustrated. What can we do?


The video breaks down how the Roundstone Captive works, where the money goes, and how to budget for a self-funded plan.  It’s a great overview of this innovative solution.
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Want to learn more about how self-funding works and how it can save your company an average of 20% over a fully funded plan? Roundstone has successfully helped companies save on their benefits plans since 2003. Contact us today to learn more.






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