Gemcare Wellness Case Study

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The Gemcare Wellness program is designed to help at-risk members reduce or even reverse the onset of type II diabetes. Consisting of classes and lifestyle coaching, the year-long program is provided at no cost to members.


This study takes a look at the data of participants who recently completed the program- their results are below.




Class Data (final 10 participants):


Total weight lost: 123.3 lbs.

Total percent body weight Lost (whole class): 6.86% (above the 5% goal)

Average weight lost per participant: 11.65 lbs.

Average percent lost per participant: 6.82% (all but one member lost 6% or more of their starting body weight)

One individual lost: 34 lbs. or 14.78% of their starting weight




While the positive results speak for themselves, the program participants also have something to say!




  • I learned a lot about food choices and how to manage my weight. I thought the class instructors were very good.
  • I found the information provided by the dietitians very helpful. I feel now I stop and think when choosing food and I am making better choices. I have definitely increased my vegetable consumption. Also their encouragement helped motivate me to meet my weekly exercise goal.
  • The coaches were very good and went out of their way to get us additional information as the core content is fairly basic. I found that greatest value from the conversation within the group. People brought me samples in of artificial sweeteners to try to get me to give up sugar (it worked). We also shared recipes. I enjoyed the session and will miss the group.


The Gemcare program is an opportunity to make a positive impact. The tools and resources provided to participants not only helps reduce the onset of type II diabetes but also promotes lifestyle changes for and lowers medical and prescription costs for the employer.




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