At Roundstone, our vision is to help small and mid-size employers realize the value of self-insurance solutions that are the preferred choice in risk management.


Our mission is to create and manage turnkey insurance solutions which are transparent, flexible and cost-effective, delivered in partnership with our clients and their trusted advisors.

Core Values

At Roundstone, our core values are our guiding principles that help us deliver our vision and mission to clients and partners.

Building Value – We make our programs efficient and effective to reduce our customers’ insurance spend, optimize plan offerings and deliver sustainable results

Transparency – We commit to candid, precise and honest communication so our clients always know what to expect and how to react

Accountability – We believe in taking responsibility for our actions, and the performance of our products, so our clients can continue to rely on us

Teamwork – We understand the importance of collaboration, and we strive to engage all stakeholders to improve communication across departments, partners and advisors

Intellectual Curiosity – We dedicate our team to search for solutions to new and complex challenges that confront insurance buyers, we view change as an opportunity

Creativity – We remain innovators in our industry by being open to new ideas, approaches and solutions, because we thrive on continuous improvement

Health and Wellbeing – We walk the talk by providing our employees with opportunities to learn about and participate in activities that cultivate a healthy, balanced lifestyle; we hold ourselves to the same standard we recommend to our clients

We believe in alignment. If your compass is directing you to innovative solutions that make a difference in both your employees’ lives and your bottom line, let’s have a conversation. Contact Us.