About Roundstone

Over the last few decades, the health insurance industry has experienced significant change. Noticeable differences include more regulations, increasing costs of medical care and the skyrocketing specialty drug market. Employers are increasingly challenged in this landscape because of an ageing workforce. The ability for organizations to proactively manage costs related to these changes in a traditional insurance setting is very limited.

Roundstone’s founders came together in 2003 because of their shared belief that they could help employers adopt a different approach and positively impact bottom-line results.

For companies that can’t ignore ever-increasing insurance costs, Roundstone offers transparency, control and cost savings through our captive insurance solutions. We deliver the critical services and support companies need, through the entire captive life-cycle with our turnkey management.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The evolving healthcare industry has brought opportunities for benefit plan stakeholders to come together and develop plans that not only address cost containment, but also enhance their employee value proposition through more robust benefit offerings.

Direct provider network solutions, alternative funding strategies and Association plans are just some of the innovative concepts that are available to employers today. Roundstone recognizes that companies and their advisors need a trusted partner to offer solutions best able to help solve specific challenges, and that’s exactly what we do.

Learn more about our history in the captive insurance market, and our vision to help employers de-mystify captive programs and see that self-insuring with a captive can be a solution for organizations of almost any size.