Self-Funding in the Sun: Roundstone University Boot Camp 2024

Roundstone-University-in-beautiful-Scottsdale-Arizona-where-the-best-benefits-advisors-learn-about-self-funded-insurance_Roundstone Insurance

At Roundstone, we believe health insurance should make you feel good. It should give you a warm and sunny feeling – even in the chill of winter. 


That’s why we invited some of the best benefits advisors in the business down to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend our third annual Roundstone University (RU) Boot Camp last week. We soaked up some 70-degree sun and went into the deep end of the pool on understanding the value of the Roundstone Captive. 


Roundstone is focusing the new year squarely on customer success – and that begins with benefits advisors. Their clients entrust them with finding a health benefits plan that is right for them. They are looking for better alternatives to end the vicious cycle of spiking insurance premiums and no transparency or control.  


Who are the best benefits advisors in the business? We like to work with those who stand out in the world of self-funded insurance, those who are aligned to the best interests of their clients, and who are in it for the long haul, not just a quick fix. We love working with advisors who always put people first, the ones who work hard to provide employers with affordable benefits and their employees with high-quality healthcare.  


2024-ru-boot-camp-cost-containment-panel-as-a-self-funded-health-insurance-solution_Roundstone Insurance


We welcomed a group of our top developing benefits advisors to learn, network, and have some fun. We explored the benefits of cost containment and how it can improve savings and enhance care quality. We talked about Roundstone’s priorities to stay innovative and ahead of the curve – how we plan to continue to deliver great quality care as we ride a nearly 30% growth streak. And we discussed how Roundstone’s growth is driven by the needs of the market – and how benefits advisors can take advantage of that growth and substantially grow their book by offering Roundstone’s stop-loss captive as a valuable asset to their clients. 


Over three days, we enjoyed some tasty food, spirited drinks, and inspiring conversation under towering palm trees, crystal-blue skies, and that beautiful Arizona mountainscape. We worked hard, but we also had lots of fun – golfing on one of Arizona’s premier golf courses and hiking on the beautiful Camelback Mountain. Honestly, we didn’t want it to end.  

The Importance of Advisor Advocacy 

Our RU Boot Camp is all about strengthening relationships and building trust and rapport. That’s how you win — and how you help your customers succeed. 


2024-ru-boot-camp-quality-networking-and-discussing-self-funded-health-insurance_Roundstone Insurance

“It’s been a wonderful experience,” said Dave Breudigam, Employee Benefits Consultant at Brooker Insurance. “After attending Boot Camp, I am light years ahead today than I was just two years ago. My plan is to double down on the clients I have with Roundstone, and this puts me in a good position to do so.” 


Boot Camp is an integral part of our Roundstone Advisor Advocacy Program, a set of tools and resources designed to empower and educate advisors on the Roundstone Captive and Bywater, our in-house TPA. If you’re an advisor and want to know more about working with us, get in touch. 


For those who joined us at RU Boot Camp, we thank you. Your insight and enthusiasm are inspiring. We’re excited for the year ahead. 


Why Roundstone?

As traditional, fully insured costs continue to spike and squeeze cash-strapped employers, the model of self-funding offers a lifeline to small to midsize businesses. It not only provides an affordable way for employers to provide quality healthcare to their employees, but it also helps save the American dream. With the money your clients save, they can invest in their business, sustain and grow their teams, enhance their product offerings and succeed. 


With a self-funded stop-loss captive, you truly become a hero to your clients. That’s great for growing your book, but it also feels good. Let health insurance feel great for your clients – their gratitude pays back with abundance. This year is shaping up great – we invite you to be part of that journey. 







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