It’s no surprise that telemedicine services are gaining in popularity.


Both the drop-in nature of these services and the ability to access care without being exposed are appealing. If you’re considering adding such a service to your employee benefit plan, we’re here to help!


Telemedicine is a solution that works no matter where you’re located: it shortens the distance to a doctor’s office in rural areas, and eliminates the long wait in a crowded waiting room in more densely populated regions.


People with a primary care physician can get access to proper care more quickly. If you don’t already have a primary care physician, telemedicine is a great way to access care without putting yourself at risk.


Telemedicine also aids in getting your members the correct care faster, whether it’s a COVID-19 test or antibiotics for an infection.


Before you go shopping for providers, know that your local hospital may already have telemedicine services you can access. Most major cities have at least one hospital system offering telemedicine services. A simple reminder to your employees that these services are available and covered by their health plan can be an effective way to increase the usage of telemedicine.


If telemedicine services aren’t offered by a hospital in your area, there are telemedicine providers you can partner with to give your employees access to care.


It can feel overwhelming trying to figure out which telemedicine service is a good fit (at a good value) for your enrolled employees (commonly referred to as a group). Here are some guidelines and considerations to keep in mind when you’re screening potential providers.


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