2018 Spring Roundstone Advisors Council

A presentation to a room of insurance professionals


The spring session of the Roundstone Advisors Council (RAC) was held on May 10, following the 2018 Medical Captive Forum, at Roundstone’s office in Lakewood, OH.


RAC members had the opportunity to learn the latest on Roundstone’s self-funding solutions, as well as to network with their peers. Feedback from the event highlighted that peer interaction during the breakout sessions was one of the key takeaways. By sharing best practices during this open forum workshop, advisors learned actionable strategies for growing their business from other top advisors.


Interested in becoming a member of the Roundstone Advisors Council?


The RAC began with the goal of bringing together the best and brightest advisors who embrace self-funding and Roundstone’s industry-leading medical captive solution. Membership is by invitation only. The RAC is comprised of an elite group of advisors who understand that healthcare has evolved, and that by being evangelists for self-funding positions them as consultants who understand how to help small to mid-market businesses, thereby staying ahead of the curve.


To learn more about how you can become a member of the Roundstone Advisors Council, contact us at




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