September 1, 2020

Manufacturing Case Study


If you’re in manufacturing, you already know that a robust benefits package is the best way to attract and retain top talent. Affordable, quality health insurance is often cited as a much sought-after benefit in your industry, but many companies feel trapped by rising costs and limited options.

Roundstone has the answer. Designed specifically for small to mid-size employers, our group self-funded health insurance program offers plan flexibility, claims transparency, and control in managing costs. It’s all the benefits of self-funding – without the volatility – as employers like you band together to collectively self-insure like a Fortune 500. It’s an easy solution that saves you money and gives your business a cashflow injection when you need it most.

A self-funded plan with Roundstone can save you big. The case study below demonstrates the impact of a self-funded plan. The employer in question switched to Roundstone in 2013, and in 5 years saw improved cashflow, along with savings of $565,311. Their PEPY (per employee per year) cost has dropped an average $4,946 annually, and they’ve been able to add services like annual on-site screenings and a wellness initiative, without increasing costs for employees.


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