Introducing Roundstone’s Association Health Plan!

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If your company is part of a professional association, and you’ve been looking for affordable healthcare plans, you’re in luck. As an employer, you want the best for your employees while also being able to thrive as a business.

Introducing Roundstone’s Association Health Plan!

We’ve made it easy for smaller employers to get big coverage (and see big savings!).

A self-funded healthcare plan means that you only pay for the benefits you use- only 15% of your total projected costs are fixed, which means you have more opportunities to save.

Businesses today need to be more agile- cash is king! With Roundstone’s Association Health Plan, any claim funding left over at the end of the year is yours to keep. Stop paying an expensive insurance premium and seeing 100% of that money disappear (without data to show why).

We’ve been in the business of self-funded health insurance plans since 2003- now it’s time for smaller groups to get in on the action! When your association chooses a Roundstone Association Health Plan, groups of as few as 5 members can realize savings- small businesses can enjoy the benefits of self-funding with the comfort of cash-flow protections included.

Roundstone’s quoting and onboarding process is easy and efficient for advisors and associations alike. An online, automated platform offers participating association members a quote instantly. It’s easy-to-use and educational, so you’ll feel informed about the choice you’re making to offer your employees great benefits at an affordable price. Now you can shop for health insurance like you would any other product, with support from your advisor if needed.

Roundstone Association Health Plan allows employers to take control over their employee benefits and access cost-saving strategies through their association. For associations, that’s a great benefit to provide your membership!

If you’re looking for next steps, download our Association Health Plan guide to start the conversation. You can also contact us directly to get started.



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