What Is a Healthcare Advocate?

what is a healthcare advocate


Let’s face it – life can get fairly hectic. Between our careers, our family lives, our social lives, and any number of other outside factors, all of us could use several more hours in our day. We rarely have time to slow down, relax, and focus on things that are truly important to us. What happens, then, when we experience a major medical setback? How do we find the time to find the correct provider, schedule services, review the bills, etc.?


Simply put, that’s exactly the convenience and peace of mind that a Healthcare Advocate provides. When a medical event arises, they take care of all of the details that we either don’t have the time or the knowledge for. Beyond providing a number of time saving options, the service also helps save money on medical procedures by comparing costs from a number of providers. They help to determine which is the best value for the patient, which is invaluable in today’s market of skyrocketing healthcare costs. Perhaps their most helpful feature, however, is their billing review service. We can’t always be sure that we are being charged correctly for services rendered, which is where the Healthcare Advocate comes in extremely handy – as it recently did for our own Rob Hamilton.


Rob had a major knee surgery a few months ago. Due to the nature of the procedure he was undergoing, he incurred a number of claims, some of them very sizable in nature. Upon reviewing his invoice, he noticed that the portion that he was being charged seemed quite high. Knowing that he didn’t have the time to devote to researching the issue himself, he contacted the Healthcare Advocate and asked for their assistance. Upon reviewing his claims, they found that several of them, including the surgery itself – a claim that approached almost forty thousand dollars – were never submitted to the insurance company. Finding a mistake of that magnitude helped to save Rob well over twenty thousand dollars.


The only remaining question is why you WOULDN’T sign up to take advantage of a Healthcare Advocate!


Jonathan Drake,


Contract Administration Manager


I am a recent addition to the Roundstone Insurance team, bringing with me over eighteen years’ worth of experience in the healthcare and PBM fields. I was previously an Account Manager for both Medicare Part D and commercial lines of business, handling clients ranging from one hundred to over twenty thousand lives. My responsibilities at Roundstone are centered around our policy/contract generation initiatives, ensuring that our clients’ policies are issued in a timely and accurate fashion. I love dogs and cats, all Cleveland sports teams (especially the Browns!), and I host one of the funniest Star Wars podcasts on the internet, The Nerfherder Council. In my spare time I play a lot of golf, go to concerts with my wife, and sing for a cover band called Brother Believe Me.




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