Health Rosetta Summit: The Future We Choose

2021 Health Rosetta Roundstone Case Study

Last week, Roundstone representatives attended the Health Rosetta Summit both live and virtually, and were blown away by the good the community is doing. This summit focused its attention on “The Future We Choose” when it comes to quality, affordable, localized healthcare.

We were thrilled to meet so many people working on behalf of their clients’ best interests, both when it comes to cost and quality of healthcare. Discussions ranged from implementing local-based healthcare solutions to self-funded insurance plans and how they benefit employers (and their employees).

One feature of the conference, which has become a beloved mainstay, is the presentation of case studies from partners in the Health Rosetta network. We’re proud to be a partner in this important work, and were delighted to share our experience with a very special client and partner, who is both a Health Rosetta member and a self-funded medical group captive participant.

Totem Solutions’ Senior Vice President of Sales Geoff Rowson was happy to discuss their journey to becoming self-funded, and the benefits they’ve seen from making the switch. Can you imagine the impact of this detail on the client-advisor relationship? Totem Solutions can confidently recommend a self-funded group medical captive because they’re part of one: they wouldn’t recommend a solution they’re not comfortable using for their own families.

If you were unable to attend the Health Rosetta Summit, watch our case study video below to learn from Rowson and Totem Solutions’ journey to becoming self-funded. It’s all leading to the future we choose.

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