Fireside Chat with Health Rosetta’s Dave Chase: How Benefits Advisors Can Save America


It’s time for employers and their benefits advisors to fight back against the status quo when it comes to providing employer-sponsored health insurance. Self-funded health insurance provides an affordable solution to out-of-control benefits costs while offering quality care.


What is the status quo?


  • The status quo has told us that every 12 months a double-digit premium increase is acceptable.
  • The status quo has told us that it’s okay for health care plans to be one-size-fits-all.
  • The status quo says it’s okay to pass all of these costs onto employees.
  • The status quo health plans are the number one driver of inflation debt poverty and bankruptcy in this country.


We believe this is no longer sustainable. And we asked two innovative industry experts to discuss how to take back control of employer-sponsored health insurance to provide quality, affordable healthcare benefits to employees across the country through a self-funded insurance plan.


Roundstone founder and CEO Mike Schroeder is joined by author and Health Rosetta founder Dave Chase for an illuminating fireside chat.


Watch a sneak peek of the webinar above


Watch Full Webinar


You’ll hear:


  • Problems small to midsize businesses are facing today with their health plans
  • Why health insurance system has misaligned incentives from the top to the bottom
  • What the system does not want you to know, especially when it comes to self-funded health insurance
  • How the fixes are already here and being replicated by forward-thinking companies
  • The characteristics of a self-funded health plan that help give employers back control
  • Self-insurance success stories
  • Specific examples of how to realize deep savings on pharmacy and other costs with simple strategies available in a self-funded health insurance plan


You’ll clearly see how the job of a trusted benefits advisor is the job that can save America. A trusted benefits advisor understands the benefits of self-funded insurance and is willing to educate clients about the benefits of a self-insured plan.


So, if you’re responsible for benefits at your organization or a benefits advisor looking to break out of the box and join the fight, this is a conversation for you. It’s a must-watch for anyone involved in the decision-making process for employer-sponsored health insurance plans.


It’s now available free and on demand for watching at your convenience. Tune in now!




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