Benefits Consultant Totem Solutions ‘Walks the Walk’ by Self-Funding Its Employee Benefits with Roundstone


In the face of rising premiums and lack of data transparency with his company’s health insurance plan, Geoff Rowson, senior vice president of sales at Totem Solutions, decided to look for better options.


As a leading employee benefits consulting firm, Totem routinely recommended Roundstone’s self-funded health insurance solutions to their clients. So, it was natural for Rowson to turn to Roundstone’s group medical captive to build a better benefits plan for his own company. The results proved that Totem made the right move.


By switching to a group medical captive plan with Roundstone, Rowson could implement a direct primary care plan for Totem employees and move to a zero-deductible plan for the company. These turnkey solutions saved Totem over $6,000 in their first year and led to a mention in INC Magazine’s list of best workplaces for 2021.


Want to learn more? See how Totem Solution’s new employee health benefits plan resulted in big gains for employees. Read the case study.




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