2022 medical captive forum  |  may 18th & 19th  |  cleveland, ohio

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Why Attend the 2022 MCF?

Roundstone’s Medical Captive Forum (MCF) was created to bring employers and benefits advisors together to learn more about self-funding best practices and trends. Educational at its heart, the MCF dives deep into the current health insurance marketplace to find solutions that save employers money while enriching their employee benefits programs.

After our 2021 virtual forum, we are thrilled to be hosting this year’s event live in downtown Cleveland, near our Lakewood headquarters. We’re excited to welcome both employers (HR, CFO, and CEO executives) and benefits advisors to learn about the latest trends and strategies in health insurance and healthcare, particularly around self-funding, cost containment solutions, and employee wellness programs.

We will simplify and demystify self-funding and help our audience to navigate their journey, whether they are just learning or are actively a captive participant and have been self-funding for years.


MCF 2022 was action-packed with perspectives from experts and leaders in the industry across a range of educational and top-of-mind topics. Watch the main stage sessions now on-demand and stay tuned for the breakout session topics as educational webinars this summer.  

Thursday, May 19th

9:00 am-11:45 am: Morning Main Stage Discussions

Marshall Allen (author of Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win) will be joined by Chas Roades (co-founder and CEO of Gist Healthcare) in a special discussion moderated by Thomas Campanella (Healthcare Executive-in-Residence at Baldwin Wallace).


It’s a classic David and Goliath story. Small and midsize businesses all around the country up against the massive and complex healthcare system. In this power-panel to kick off our day, Marshall and Chas will present practical ways that employers can “flip the script” and gain control, reduce costs and empower employees to be smarter consumers of healthcare. This discussion will give you the blueprint and the tools for rethinking your health benefits program.


It’s a can’t-miss meeting of the minds we can’t wait to host!

Every employer who makes the switch to a self-funded plan has a different journey. But we can say for certain that there’s always an a-ha moment. In this keynote, you will learn the questions to ask, the things to look out for, the impact on employees and the business, and other meaningful insights from employers and advisors who have successfully made the switch.


In this keynote panel discussion, you will hear perspectives from employers in the Roundstone captive along with their benefits advisors.


Jay Booth, CEO, Capital Group Benefits

Brian Grupac, Controller, PGTEK

Amanda Brown, Benefits Consultant, First Insurance Group

Joyce Luallen-Black, Accounting and HR Manager, Jerl Machine

Moderated by Rob Hamilton, EVP, Roundstone

We are thrilled to welcome keynote speaker and author Joshua M. Evans to the main stage. Joshua is on a quest to fundamentally change the way people view their work by bringing deeper purpose into the workplace. You’ll walk away from this presentation feeling energized with ideas to build a healthier, happier, and more accountable culture for yourself and for your organization.

1:00 pm- 2:45 pm: Breakout Sessions

Which cost containment solutions really work? We’ve lined up our most popular (and highest savings generating) solutions for a breakout session you won’t want to miss. You’ll walk away with a shortlist of top cost containment programs to square up against your data and find a strategy that works for you.

Health insurance shouldn’t be a one-year commitment. Some employers feel they have no choice every year but to get quotes from various mega insurance carriers and hope for the best- that is one expensive merry-go-round ride! Join Roundstone CEO and founder Mike Schroeder and CFO Chad Buskirk to learn about:

  • the building blocks to have in place to secure a strong foundation for your health insurance plan
  • why treating health insurance a long-term strategy promotes more savings down the road
  • how to compare renewal rates from a self-funded plan to a fully insured plan

Get the blueprint for long-term savings.

Want to brush up on the basics? In this session, you’ll learn what we mean when we say “self-funded”, “medical captive”, “PBM”, “TPA”, and (our favorite) “distribution check”. You’ll have an opportunity to ask all your questions and concerns. Whether you know a little bit about self-funding and are looking to learn more, or are brand new to the solution and are intrigued to figure out how it works, this session is for you!

What’s the deal with RBP? In fact, there are a whole host of alternative networks you can build for yourself and rely on when the in-network price just won’t come down. Join panelists from Claims Bridge, 6 Degrees Health, and CIGNA for this discussion on non-traditional networks and how to work within and beside networks and providers to get the best price.

3:00 pm: Award Ceremony & Closing Keynote with John “Gucci” Foley!



Marshall Allen

Investigative Reporter and Author



Co-Founder and CEO at Gist Healthcare



Healthcare Executive in Residence at BW


Joshua M. Evans

Employee Experience & Company Culture


John "Gucci" Foley

Closing Keynote

Cleveland ROCKS!

If you’re new to the city, there is so much to explore downtown and all-around The Land. Visit the “Emerald Necklace” of Metroparks, shop and dine at the historic West Side Market, or take in a Guardians baseball game. We’re excited to welcome you to CLE, Believeland, the 216- whatever you call it, we know you will love it as much as we do.

It’s hard to find a more picture-perfect venue in town than the Hilton Cleveland Downtown. Centrally located, the Hilton is a modern, world-class hotel with panoramic views of Lake Erie and Browns stadium. Join us Wednesday evening for a Welcome Reception and dinner. On Thursday, breakfast and lunch will be provided for MCF attendees.

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Roundstone is an innovative insurance organization founded in 2003 with a vision of giving small and mid-sized businesses a proven strategy and solutions for affordable health insurance for their employees – paying only for the healthcare they use while keeping the savings. We focus on the development, underwriting and servicing of captive insurance programs. Our unique self-funding solution delivers high quality of care, mitigates risks, reduces claims volatility, controls costs, and returns savings right back to the employers – a win-win all around. Hundreds of businesses rely on Roundstone as their trusted health insurance provider, saving them an average of 20 percent annually over the past decade. Roundstone is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio with representatives throughout the United States.

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Investigative Reporter and Author

Marshall Allen has spent more than 16 years as an investigative reporter covering health care, including more than a decade at ProPublica. He specializes in investigating why we pay so much for health care in the United States and get so little in return, and in issues related to patient safety. He is the author of the new book, “Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win.” He is also the founder of Allen Health Academy, which produces a curriculum of short on-demand videos to equip and empower employees to navigate the health care system. Please go to marshallallen.com for more information, and sign up for his newsletter at marshallallen.substack.com. Marshall now works for the Dallas region of the OIG-HHS, but he is speaking here as an author and educator, not on behalf of the federal government.



Co-Founder and CEO at Gist Healthcare

Chas Roades is one of the nation’s leading experts on health system strategy. An authority on healthcare transformation, he has served as a trusted advisor to health sector leaders for 20 years. His areas of expertise include system transformation, population health strategy, healthcare consumerism, and reimbursement policy. Chas frequently presents at policy, industry, and investor conferences, and is often cited by national media, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Modern Healthcare, Health Affairs, and National Public Radio. In the policy arena, Chas has frequently been called upon to speak and participate in panel discussions at institutions ranging from the Bipartisan Policy Center to the National Governor’s Association, and he has been asked to advise the White House, members of Congress, and the Secretary of Health and Human Services on healthcare policy.



Healthcare Executive in Residence, Baldwin Wallace University Of-Counsel for Baker Hostetler, LLP President of Campanella Consulting, Inc.

Tom is the Healthcare Executive in Residence at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio. Previously, Tom was the Director of the Health Care MBA program and a professor of health economics for Baldwin Wallace University.  He teaches and speaks on health policy and finance issues at the regional and national level.  Tom writes blogs, white papers and conducts webinars on a variety of healthcare related topics. Tom postings are on LinkedIn and they are also e-mailed to readers monthly.



International Speaker and Corporate Trainer | TEDx Programmer | Best-selling Author

Joshua M. Evans is on a mission to revolutionize the way organizations engage, retain, and empower their people. He is committed to bringing a fundamental shift to the way companies conduct business, and it all centers around identifying and living with true purpose.

Organizational cultures are being tested like never before. Purpose is quickly becoming the standard for individuals to gauge their careers and the metrics companies use to judge their employees.


With over 15 years of experience, Joshua brings an enthusiastic and innovative approach to the future of the working world. He provides teams and leaders with the tools necessary to re-engage and love the work they do to create healthier, more profitable businesses.


He is an international speaker and corporate trainer, a TEDx programmer, best-selling author of Enthusiastic You! Rediscover Your Passion & Energy, as well as being a leading expert on organizational culture.
Joshua has worked with hundreds of companies including American Express, ExxonMobil, GE, Raytheon, Transamerica Life Insurance, Maersk International, Landry’s and many more.

He truly believes that for any organization to succeed, they need to realize that attitude is far more important than aptitude.

Joshua and his wife and their three children live outside Houston, Texas. When he’s not working, Josh enjoys adventures in snowboarding and sailing.



Blue Angel Lead Solo Pilot | High Performance Expert | Bestselling Author

John Foley is a former lead solo pilot of the Blue Angels, Sloan Fellow at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, leadership expert, speaker and Gratitude Guru. As a thought leader on high performance, John created the “Glad To Be Here” Mindset Methodology and the Diamond Performance Framework.


As a Blue Angel, John consistently performed in an extreme, high-stakes environment, flying an F-18 at speeds of more than 500 miles per hour and in formations as close as 18 inches apart. To survive in those circumstances, he relied on a culture of high trust and leadership that turned inherently unforgiving flight into extraordinary experiences. His presentations inspire individuals, teams and organizations around the world to reach their highest potential while sustaining excellence under dynamic change.

For decades, John has shared his exciting, rare journey with audiences around the world, becoming one of the most in-demand leadership and performance experts. John has spoken on 5 continents, 20 countries and over 1,000 events working with some of the world’s top organizations such as; Google, Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Mercedes Benz, BMW, IBM, Hitachi, Chevron, BP, Marriott, Hilton, Penske Racing, Alabama Football, LA Kings, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Edward Jones, Fidelity, Mass Mutual, MetLife, Bank of America, Deloitte, IBM, Hershey, P&G, Philips, Etihad, America Hospital Association, Blue Cross and the Mayo Clinic. He has also been a featured speaker at NBA, MLB, MLS, NCAA, TedX, VC and CEO summits, Titan Summit, USNA Leadership Conference, Stanford Business School, University of Zurich and Global Sports Summits.


John keynote presentations, workshops and online curriculum support Individuals, Teams, Organizations with lessons in (1) High Performance, Leadership, Teamwork, (2) Trust, Beliefs, Accountability, Culture, and (3) Glad To Be Here Mindset, Gratitude.