Why All Captives Are Not Created Equal

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Captives have become a popular funding solution for small to midsize businesses because they make self-funding an affordable, stable, and viable fix to escalating healthcare costs. But not all captives are created equal – they can vary widely when it comes to control, savings, and flexibility.  

Learning how to choose the right Captive can make or break the self-funding experience.  

Join our webinar with Mike Schroeder, Roundstone’s Founder and President; Rob Hamilton, Roundstone’s Executive V.P. of Sales; and Jasmine Bibb, Roundstone’s Director of Customer Experience as they discuss how to choose the best Captive to ensure success. 

You’ll learn:

  • What to look for in a Captive Manager  
  • Collateral requirements 
  • Return fund and captive distributions 
  • Management of underwriting 
  • Cost containment philosophy 
  • Savings guarantees 



Mike Schroeder

Founder and President, Roundstone

Rob Hamilton Circle Headshot

Rob Hamilton

Executive V.P. of Sales, Roundstone

Jasmine-Bibb-Speaker-Headshot-Circle Crop_500x500

Jasmine Bibb

V.P. of Customer Success, Roundstone

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Roundstone is an innovative employee health benefits company. We help small and midsize organizations offer competitive benefits at a lower cost by self-funding health insurance through our group medical captive. The Roundstone Captive enables companies to self-insure safely by pooling hundreds of employers together to share risk and save money. With easy onboarding and personalized support every step of the way, the Captive offers control, flexibility, transparency, and returns all savings back to employers where they belong. We believe in always aligning with the employers’ best interests and remaining committed to our mission – quality, affordable healthcare, and a better life for all.

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