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All About Self-Funding Success
- August 2022 -

A Summer Six-Pack of Cool 30-Minute Refreshers

These quick dips are designed for employers responsible for health benefits plans and benefits advisors looking to learn about the latest in self-funding.


Whether you’re vacationing on the beach or cranking up the air conditioning, we’ve got a summer six-pack of knowledge to share. Tune in to these 30-minute webinars on topics to enhance your health benefits strategy and success with self-funding.


In It for the Long Haul: Planning a Long-Term Strategy

When you make a big investment or purchase, you don’t buy for just one year. Do you buy a new house every year? A new car? Health insurance for your employer-sponsored health plan should be no different. Join Roundstone founder and President Mike Schroeder and CFO Chad Buskirk as they discuss how to plan and implement a long-term strategy that keeps costs down for your employees and lets you save for a rainy day.


"Top 10" Reasons Why Roundstone is Different Than Other Captives

Medical group captives are a growing trend, but not all are alike. Roundstone is uniquely positioned in the market to be an employer’s advocate in the quest for quality and affordable health benefits. Join Regional Practice Leaders Tim Ott and Bob Pace for the "Top 10" of what makes our approach so effective and how we make it our mission to be on your side.


Visiting the Value Grove: Fruitful Cost Containment Strategy

One of the questions our cost-savings team hears most often is, “What’s working?” We’ve rounded up our top suggestions for both low-hanging fruit like pharmacy solutions, as well as wellness and prevention strategies that climb a little higher. Join Cost Containment Strategist Daniel Demyan for an in-depth look at how we approach cost containment, the value of data transparency, and how it all comes together.


Claims Management: Life of a Stop Loss Claim

What happens after you see a provider until a claim gets paid? We’d love to tell you! Join Stop Loss Claims Lead Amy Driscoll and Relationship Manager Hannah Morris for a look at the steps in the stop loss claim process and meet some of the friendly faces behind the scenes who work to keep you in the loop and stay on task to make sure your claims are paid in a timely manner.


Self-Funding 101: More Than a Funding Strategy

If self-funding is a new strategy for you and your company, or you want to build on what you know, this session is for you. Jump in and learn about how self-funding works so you can buy benefits like the Fortune 500. Join Roundstone’s Executive Vice President of Sales Rob Hamilton and Regional Practice Leaders Eddie Castro and Sam Walters as they do some myth-busting and review how to optimize your health benefits plan.


Aggregate Accommodation: Budgeting’s Best Friend

Self-funded health insurance has several safeguards behind the scenes to ensure that health insurance claims are running as planned. Aggregate Accommodation is one of them. Join Roundstone CFO Chad Buskirk and Stop Loss Claims Lead Amy Driscoll as they explain what the heck Aggregate Accommodation is, and how it adds to your peace of mind.

Roundstone is an innovative insurance organization founded in 2003 with a vision of giving small and mid-sized businesses a proven strategy and solutions for affordable health insurance for their employees – paying only for the healthcare they use while keeping the savings. We focus on the development, underwriting and servicing of captive insurance programs. Our unique self-funding solution delivers high quality of care, mitigates risks, reduces claims volatility, controls costs, and returns savings right back to the employers – a win-win all around. Hundreds of businesses rely on Roundstone as their trusted health insurance provider, saving them an average of 20 percent annually over the past decade. Roundstone is headquartered in Lakewood, Ohio with representatives throughout the United States.

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