Schedule an Intro to Health Insurance Captives Webinar

Interested in a self-funded group captive healthcare program that will reduce your health care spend while giving you more flexibility in coverage and improving your employee benefits offering?

Schedule a webinar with Roundstone to learn how your mid-sized company can realize cost efficiencies like a Fortune 500. During the webinar, you’ll learn how your employees can benefit from being self-funded in a group captive. You’ll also learn the answers to common employer questions, including:

  • What are the benefits of switching from a fully insured to a self-insured plan?
  • Is my company a good candidate for a health insurance captive plan?
  • Will my employees experience a significant change in their benefits?

For companies that can’t ignore ever-increasing insurance costs, our group captive insurance solutions offer transparency, control and cost savings.

As partners, we deliver comprehensive, turnkey services and support your need to not only reduce costs but improve employee satisfaction and retention. To learn how a self-funded plan compares to other healthcare options available on the market, fill out the form to schedule a plan comparison webinar.