Roundstone Savings Calculator

See How Much You Could Save on Health Insurance Plans

As employee healthcare costs continue to soar, many companies are scrambling to find ways to control costs while still providing the quality health plans their employees need and deserve. The solution could be as simple as changing the type of health plan you implement.

With a captive health plan from Roundstone, companies discover lower healthcare costs, transparency and flexibility. Captive plans offer significant savings and fully transparent access to information on expenses—even rewarding companies with lower utilization. Captive plans are the long-term solution to escalating health insurance expenses.

Use the calculator on this page to see just how much you can benefit from switching from a fixed-cost insurance plan to a Roundstone medical captive program.

How It Works

The calculator estimates cost savings gained from our years of work in managing employer health plan expenses. It compares your current health insurance costs to our flexible captive plan offerings.

Unsure of your current health insurance plan information? Contact us to speak to a Roundstone representative directly to learn more.

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