Turnkey Management

Affordable and robust benefits are appealing to both you and your employees, but managing choices when it comes to funding, claim’s management and cost containment can be intimidating. Taking ownership through a captive funding arrangement doesn’t mean you’re “getting in the insurance business.” That’s what Roundstone is here for. We offer worry-free program management with a team of experienced professionals so that your choice of strategies for funding, claim’s management and cost control are implemented and delivered by Roundstone. No need to hire internal insurance professionals. Roundstone underwrites, administers policies and claims in house. Roundstone also maintains a suite of cost containment and claim’s management strategies, such as direct contracting and specialty drug carve-outs. Control and choice doesn’t have to be confusing when you work with a professional organization like Roundstone that has delivered successful health insurance strategies for over a decade.

Support You Can Count On

Unlike other captive advisors, Roundstone’s services and support does not end with the establishment of your insurance program. Our offerings include turnkey services such as:

  • Underwriting
  • Claim administration
  • Policy administration
  • Provider network engagement and development
  • Cost control analysis and selection
  • Cost Savings Investigators (CSI Team)
  • Financial and premium reporting
  • Captive facility development and management
  • Fronting and reinsurance treaty negotiation and maintenance

You don’t have to be an expert in insurance, you just need a partner who is. Let Roundstone be your guide. Contact Roundstone.