Cost Savings

Employee benefit costs continue to grow, and often at a faster rate than revenue or inflation, putting a strain on your business. If you’re pursuing a better deal with a different carrier every year, you’re at the mercy of a market that has seen costs double every four years. You may have considered alternative funding strategies in the past but were deterred by the risk of self-insuring your own claims. Roundstone’s captive funding strategy removes unpredictability and offers the stability you desire.

Changing the Conversation

Employee benefits are part of your total compensation program. So wouldn’t you rather view your health plan as part of an overall purposeful incentive strategy? Roundstone helps employers see healthcare insurance with a fresh perspective. Our approach offers an opportunity to:

  • Receive accurate, consistent and complete data transparency
  • Conduct root cause analysis of cost drivers and control their remediation
  • Stabilize cost
  • Retain profit from better plan performance

Our detailed explanation of how captives work identifies how you’ll maximize savings and enhance your company’s earning potential through Roundstone’s self-insurance program which mitigates risk for employers of your size.

We also offer our Cost Savings Investigators (CSI Team), a team of experts who will work with you to deliver cost saving solutions that can be implemented into your health plan.

Start realizing the value of an alternative funding strategy today. Contact Roundstone.