Cost Savings Investigators

As you look to maximize your self-funding benefits, you need to know which areas within your health plan can be improved and what strategies are available. From cost mitigation strategies for known high cost claims, to data analytics focused on identifying trends, we want to proactively help you realize the full benefits of captive insurance.


As part of our turnkey solution, we have introduced the Roundstone Cost Savings Investigators (CSI Team), a team of experts who will work with you to deliver cost saving solutions that can be implemented into your health plan.

By engaging with our CSI Team, you will have support with navigating the complexities of health care. We will help you optimize the value of the transparency and control that you have with Roundstone. Provided at no extra cost, our team of experts will work with your consultant to review your claim data and provide insight into your health care spend. Our objective is for you to discover and realize cost saving opportunities with a suggested plan and implementation strategy.

Reach out to us to learn more.