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Managing healthcare expenses is no longer a once a year conversation for employers. Healthcare and employee benefits have become a top three line-item expense having significant impact on recruiting and retaining top talent, as well as the company’s long-term profitability. Roundstone offers a proven solution for employers to gain control of health benefit costs by providing a funding strategy, until recently only available to large fortune 500 firms.

Change Your Approach to Healthcare Benefits

All of us can agree there is a sense of urgency to curb rising benefit costs. If you’re like a lot of mid-size employers, your healthcare expense is likely outpacing your revenue growth, and this impacts not only your bottom-line but your ability to compete long-term. Roundstone can help you manage your employee benefit costs by applying a straight-forward approach to purchasing healthcare.


Clearly understand the factors that drive your healthcare costs with readily available information that belongs to you. Access to data and reporting means no surprises and the ability to make informed decisions in your company’s and your employees’ best interest.

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Information leads to empowerment. Once you have access to your data, you can begin making proactive changes with the goal of cost containment, as well as improving your employees’ health and wellness. But control means much more than deciding on one or two plan-designs and employee contributions, like in a traditional insurance arrangement. With the Roundstone approach, you control provider networks, pharmacy options, disease management, wellness incentives, claim’s management and the next response to a runaway cost.

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Cost Savings

Healthcare is a top three expense for employers. Funding your healthcare with a fixed premium like in a traditional fully-insured plan assumes a certain level of utilization from the plan participants. If the plan performs better than expected (which is a good thing!), you’re likely going to end up shopping for a better deal with a new carrier (which is a time-consuming thing!). Why not be rewarded for doing something good and keep your cost savings in your own pocket? Why give it away to the traditional insurance market? With Roundstone’s medical captive, 85% or more of the benefit cost is variable and subject to return when you accomplish your goal of reducing cost. The best way to beat rising medical benefit costs is to keep the savings when you have them.

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Turnkey Management

Taking control of your benefits doesn’t mean you need to be an insurance professional. You need a partner that has experience with virtually any situation that might arise around underwriting, claims adjudication, cost containment, regulation, reporting, policy management and more. Roundstone delivers turnkey solutions for the three essential requirements of a successful health benefit plan; Funding Strategy, Claims Management and Cost Containment.

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