As an Association, you deliver tremendous value to your members. You bring like-minded employers together to share knowledge, resources and value-added programs. But sometimes it can feel like your members are pulled in so many different directions, with several competing interests, that Association participation becomes a nice to have versus a need to have.

Recognizing the myriad of problems facing today’s employers, Roundstone can help your Association offer must-have value to your members.

Attract and Engage Members

As you consider helping member companies overcome their challenges, Roundstone encourages you to turn your attention to one of the top three costs that plague employers today…employee health benefits.

Now your Association can offer your membership the cost saving advantages that come with group captive health insurance. With Roundstone’s expertise in Association captives, you can bring this innovative idea to your Board and we’ll do the heavy-lifting to thoroughly explain the collective purchasing power and risk sharing advantages for middle-market employers.

Wondering if your membership would benefit from an Association captive? Give us a call. There is no financial risk to your Association, and we’ll walk you through our tried and true underwriting and marketing blueprint for Association success. Contact Roundstone.