Voluntary Benefits

Today’s multi-generational workforce is comprised of employees at different stages of their life and career. This makes creating a one-size-fits-all benefit plan nearly impossible. Consultants often recommend voluntary benefits to round out plan offerings and bridge the gap created by high deductible health plans.

Voluntary benefits are a key player in many financial wellness programs. Voluntary benefits allow employees to right-size their benefits by purchasing only what they need and can use. Additionally, voluntary benefits offer employees income protection in the event of an unforeseen accident or illness. Roundstone can help you deliver these supplemental benefit choices to your clients through our Voluntary Benefits Captive. Here are the four different solutions we provide:

  • Limited Medical Plans – providing the extra help employees and their families need during times of illness and injury, including: wellness benefits, x-ray benefits, surgery benefits and ambulance services
  • Accident Plan – covering in-patient and out-patient expenses related to injury only, with added benefits including dislocation, fracture and burn benefits
  • Critical Illness – offering benefits for major illnesses and diseases, such as: cancer, heart attack, stroke, major organ transplant, paralysis, coma, and others
  • Cancer – delivering a complete cancer package to offset costs of cancer and related expenses


All stakeholders benefit from Roundstone’s innovative insurance offering through the market’s first Voluntary Benefit Captive, with four different solutions for accident, medical supplement, critical illness and cancer:

  • Better Compensation – advisors keep 100% of the commission, there’s no split with a Voluntary Benefits Carrier
  • Easy Enrollment – a Virtual Benefit Counselor supports enrollment with the same or better participation results than in-person enrollers
  • Eliminate payroll headaches – our program doesn’t use a payroll deduction, which means no extra work for HR and no billing problems, even though premiums are still paid through employee paychecks

It’s easy to get started with Roundstone’s Voluntary Benefits Captive. Contact Roundstone to get the ball rolling and receive our valuable sales guide: “The Top Ten Reasons Employers Want to Offer Voluntary Benefifts.”