Large Market Medical

Large employers are no stranger to the self-insurance market. Your clients’ human resources and financial stakeholders have relied on your expertise to guide them through alternative funding options, stop loss coverage, and increased risk from unlimited annual and lifetime limits required by the ACA.

Roundstone can supplement your discussions by bringing an additional option to the table. Our Large Market Med program offers another layer of protection for large self-funded clients with reinsurance coverage attaching as low as $500,000 per claim.

Round Out Your Toolbox

As a consultant to self-insured companies, you recognize the importance of advising clients to build in safeguards against unpredictable losses. Through a partnership with Roundstone, you have the ability to receive A-rated reinsurance at wholesale rates.

Roundstone’s Large Market Med program is another tool for your toolbox. Essentially, this solution is a self-funded medical plan with access to reinsurance through a captive program. Reinsurance is an insurance policy for an insurance company, here’s how our program works:

  • Establishes reinsurance terms for your client’s captive
  • Plan sponsor remits premium directly to the captive
  • Claims are submitted to the captive for reimbursement
  • Surplus funds can be returned or remain within the captive

Our Large Market Med program is targeted for employers who match the following profile:

  • Desire for turnkey captive, medical expense underwriting, excess claims management and wholesale reinsurance rates
  • Open to retaining $500,000, or more, of medical benefit loss per plan member
  • Seek a disciplined, tax-advantage approach to funding their retained medical risk
  • Commitment to eliminating catastrophic exposure to medical risk

Program Benefits:

  • Coverage offered through turnkey captive facility with established A-rated reinsurance
  • Attractive rates eliminate unnecessary layers of insurer profit and overhead
  • Quarterly reports of underwriting outcomes
  • Cash flow advantages through accelerated premium deductions

We’re here to help you explain the benefits of captive reinsurance to your self-insured clients. Contact Roundstone.