Industry Specific Captive

Companies use Associations for benchmarking purposes, knowledge sharing and networking. Industry Associations also bring these like-minded employers together to share access to resources. Now, Associations can offer another venue for members to come together for the unique advantage of health insurance cost savings. Leverage Roundstone’s specialized knowledge of Association captives that provide collective purchasing power and risk sharing for middle-market employee benefit plans.

Share the Risk and the Results

Group captives can either be constructed of members engaged in similar businesses (homogeneous) or unrelated companies (heterogeneous). An industry specific captive, also known as an Association captive, shares best practices—and risk—among its participating members. You may not know right away if an Association captive is a fit for your client, that’s why Roundstone is here to help.

Creating an Association captive with Roundstone lets your client profit from operating a successful benefit program; and helps the Association attract and retain members. There is no financial risk to the Association. In fact members can mitigate the risk of self-insuring claims by spreading it over multiple employers. This type of captive empowers mid-size companies to optimize results by controlling the following:

  • Coverage design
  • Product distribution
  • Cost containment
  • Claims handling
  • Fixed expenses
  • Policy administration
  • Reinsurance
  • Captive management

Wondering if an Association captive might be a fit for your client? Just ask your client if they belong to an industry Association and then reach out to Roundstone and we’ll provide our blueprint for Association success. Contact Roundstone.