Custom Captives

Captive insurance includes many advantages for companies of all sizes. Lower insurance costs, customized coverage, risk management and favorable tax treatment are just a few of the results employers may experience.

The experts at Roundstone are here to help you develop an understanding of the risk financing strategy of captives.

Have It The Employer’s Way

Once you start digging into the captive market, you’ll quickly realize the flexibility is exactly what your clients need. From program structure to plan design and premium, the opportunities are endless.

Roundstone knows that sometimes, too many options can become overwhelming. Let us explain which program provides the best value for each situation. We’ll walk you through several different captive structures and demonstrate how we use our proprietary tool to project premiums, losses, capital requirement and ROI over a five-year period.

See for yourself how simple and straightforward working with Roundstone can be. We put information at your fingertips through our educational platform designed for consultants at Roundstone University.